What are the hazards of sexy underwear


Interesting underwear is popular as a sexy, romantic and unique charm.However, few people realize what harm of sexy underwear will have to our health.This article will explore the dangers of sexy underwear so that you can better protect your physical health.

Effect on the skin

The material and design of sexy underwear usually do not consider the breathing and comfort of the skin. Wearing inappropriate sexy underwear or too long will cause irritation and damage to the skin.Common situations include itching, allergies, itching, acne and eczema.In addition, because sexy underwear is unavoidable to the body, excessive friction can also make the skin in a humid state, leading to bacterial breeding, and unexpected health risks.

Impact on breast health

Studies have shown that wearing too tight sexy underwear may adversely affect breast health.As we all know, breasts are a very sensitive organs, and wearing too tight erotic underwear will limit the natural exercise and blood circulation of the breast, leading to breast opaque, increasing the chance of breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Effect on reproductive health

Some erotic underwear have the characteristics of narrow design and uncomfortable wearing. Dressing for a long time will cause card pressure and excessive squeeze to the reproductive organs.This will not only exacerbate the risk of bacterial breeding, but also cause redness, pain, and other discomfort in reproductive organs. In severe cases, it can even cause infection of reproductive organs.

Impact on the quality of life

Although sexy underwear is a kind of enjoyment for some people, all these negative effects will have a huge negative impact on your quality of life.These discomfort may cause physical discomfort and pain, making people feel tired and uneasy.At the same time, when unexpected reproduction or skin problems occur, physical and mental health will also be affected.

Select and wear correctly

The design and quality of sexy underwear are the primary conditions for selection.High -quality, comfortable and breathable sexy underwear will help protect the skin, promote physical health, and enhance personal confidence and charm.

In addition, the size and type of sexy underwear are the key to wearing.Make sure that the sexy underwear is suitable, do not choose too tight or too large erotic underwear.Choose the right style and replace the clean and cleaned erotic underwear every day, so as to keep sexy while protecting health.

Check your health regularly

Paying enough attention and inspection for health is also an effective way to prevent erotic underwear harm.Gynecological examinations, breast examinations, contraception, and sexually transmitted disease examinations every year are key measures to prevent and identify potential problems.

Wear a small amount and rest in time

The time to wear sexy underwear should be paid attention to.It should be worn within 4 hours a day, and then take a proper rest and put on a more breathable underwear.Of course, if you are at home or in special circumstances, you can not wear it and give your body a chance to rest.

Don’t follow the wind blind

Blindly follows the trend and the trend should never happen in health problems and physical safety.Understanding the material, design and function of love underwear is an important step to protect itself.Don’t be confused by some popular sexy underwear, have your own views, and make the right choice.


The quality and dressing of sexy underwear directly affects physical health. The correct choice and dressing and regular physical health tests are the most important measures for preventing the harm of sexy underwear.Of course, it is also very important to maintain a peaceful and healthy lifestyle, so that you can enjoy life more healthily.

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