What are the shops of sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers

What are the shops of sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers

With the progress of the times, sex culture has gradually become popular.More and more women have begun to pay attention to their charm, and sexy underwear has become a symbol of fashion and beauty.Sexy underwear wholesale has become a common way of getting rich, which has spawned the appearance of many sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers.So, what are the shops of sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers?Below, we will introduce one by one.

1. Chanty sexy underwear

Chanty sexy underwear is a brand focusing on women’s underwear.Their products mainly include various sexy underwear products such as stockings, sex gloves, and sex pajamas.Their design style is dominated by the charm and adjustment of European and American style.At present, it is sold on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com, and it is a relatively mature brand.

2. Innovate sexy underwear

Innovate sex underwear, as a leading underwear brand company, has established its own powerful brand effect.They focus on selling high -end and high -quality products, which can provide dealers with very attractive profit returns.

3. Blueberg sexy underwear

Blueberg sex underwear is a young, fashionable sexy underwear brand.Their demand mainly comes from young female customers with quality pursuit. The product line includes sexy underwear, built -in fun, mousse bubbles, and private themes.The sales popularity and word of mouth are very good.

4. QWest sexy underwear

QWest’s sexy underwear is mainly based on the characteristics of Chinese natives, plus some modern design concepts.Their erotic underwear products are mostly very clean and refreshing design styles.It is more well -known in China.

5. Lover-Beauty sexy underwear

Lover-Beauty is a sexual underwear manufacturer of a multinational brand.Their sales products are not only sold in the United States, but also established good sales channels in China.The products are mostly sexy, personality, and passion, especially between young people.

6. Folden sexy underwear

Foldon sex lingerie is one of the relatively mature sexy underwear manufacturers in China.In terms of sexy underwear wholesale, they have strong resources.Its products are centered on personality and fashion, and have won praise from many consumers.

7. Venusqueen sexy underwear

Venusqueen’s sexy underwear is a sexy underwear brand with silk as the main material. Its products are characterized by simple, elegant, delicate and exquisite.At present, they have opened multiple sales channels, which are more favored by major e -commerce platforms.

8. Anveno sexy underwear

Anveno sexy underwear is a brand manufacturer that focuses on high -end underwear. Its product line includes not only sexy underwear, but also some medium and high -end conventional underwear products.In some high -end occasions, their products have been sought after and recognized by many people.


The above is the list of eight erotic underwear wholesale manufacturers.Each brand has its own characteristics, and you should choose the brand that suits you according to the situation of the store.Finally, you need to remind everyone to pay attention to choose regular manufacturers to prevent fake goods, quality problems and after -sales problems.

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