What erotic underwear in the skirt

What erotic underwear in the skirt

1. Understand different types of skirts

Different types of skirts need to be paired with different sexy lingerie.For example, long skirts can be paired with any type of sexy underwear, while short skirts need to consider the height and style of underwear.

2. Choice of underwear

For skirts, the most basic is to choose suitable underwear.If the skirt is relatively close, it is recommended to choose non -edited panties without corners to avoid embarrassment.

3. Fill in sexy underwear

If you want to highlight your curve when wearing a skirt, you can choose to fill in sexy underwear.They can add a plump and sexy charm to the curve on the figure.

4. Transparent sexy underwear

If you want to create a sexy visual effect, then transparent sexy underwear is a good choice.But you need to match it with caution, it is best to match the underwear with similar colors to the skirt to avoid traces.

5. Hip -lifting sexy clothes

For women who want to highlight their hips, buttocks and sexy underwear are a good choice.They can increase the curve of the hips and make your figure more attractive.

6. chest -holding sexy underwear

If your skirt is tight, the chest -shaped sexy underwear can provide additional support and plastic effects.This can not only make your chest fuller, but also make you more confident.

7. Top sexy underwear

For those women wearing off -shoulder skirts or sleeveless skirts, top -type sexy underwear is the best choice.They can provide extra support and protection, making your upper body look more sexy.

8. Waist adjustment of sexy underwear

If you are not satisfied with your waist lines, the waist adjustment of sexy underwear can make your waist look more slender.Choose a waist -adjusting sexy underwear that matches your figure, which can highlight the waist curve.

9. Material choice

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider the choice of material.It is best to choose a sexy underwear with good breathability and soft material, and try to avoid choosing the material that stimulates the skin.

10. Summary

What erotic underwear in the skirt needs to be comprehensively considered based on the skirt type, clothing style, personal figure and other aspects.Different types of sexy underwear have different characteristics and applicable occasions. Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you more beautiful, sexy, and confidently show your best side.

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