What is a little fat, what is sexy underwear

How do fat girls choose sexy underwear?

For fat girls, it is not easy to wear sexy, but at the same time, suitable sexy underwear can make them more confident and beautiful.So, what are the fun underwear suitable for girls with full skin and round body?Here are some tips to choose sexy underwear.

Prefer to choose a size that suits you

No matter what kind of figure, when choosing a sexy underwear, the style suitable for your own size is the most important, because inappropriate sizes will bring a lot of negative effects, such as weakening confidence and beauty.

Choose the right style

It is very important to choose the right sexy lingerie style, especially for fat girls.Avoid choosing too exaggerated, fancy and too rich styles, it is recommended to choose simple and practical background and design.

Avoid tassel, lace and too heavy fabrics

Fat girls can choose elastic clothing on the choice fabric, and it is recommended to avoid too heavy wool or velvet fabrics.Similarly, don’t choose sexy underwear over too lace and tassels, which not only makes people feel urgent, but also makes your body look more rounded.

Use broadband and enhanced shoulder straps

For fat girls who are preparing to buy sexy underwear, broadband and enhanced shoulder straps can play a supporting role, not only can make your figure more beautiful, but also enhance self -confidence.

Choose a loose and comfortable style

For girls who want to be more comfortable, you can consider choosing loose sexy underwear.This can help better show the curve of girls and better cover the defects and lines of the fat parts.

Choose a fish -shaped cup erotic sheet

The fish -shaped cup sexy underwear is the choice of girls with full chest and good shape, especially for "drooping" or poorly preserved chest shapes.This allows the chest shape to be more compact and help girls have better chest outlines.

Select sexy three -point sexy underwear

If you want to show his sexy girls, you can choose a three -point sexy underwear.Three -point erotic underwear can not only outline the perfect hips, but also highlight the sexy charm and fashion atmosphere of women.

Choose a lace sewing sexy underwear

Lace sewing sexy underwear is another sexy choice for fat girls.This style usually has many highlights, including unique design, high -quality material and metal decoration.

Select stripes or floral figures sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of stripes or florals has a good modification effect.Their advantages are that they can offset some of the defects in the body, and there are many sizes, suitable for different figures.It is recommended to choose a colorful and beautiful sexy lingerie style.


Wearing a sexy underwear is a very private thing. You must consider your size and figure characteristics in the selection of styles, but the most important thing is to adhere to a self -confidence and beauty attitude, so that you can show your unique sexy charm.

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