What is it like when sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear designed to enhance sexual pleasure, usually including various styles, materials and colors.Their design aims to emphasize some parts of the body to make people feel more sexy and confident.These underwear are usually considered part of sex toys because they can play an important role in sexual behavior.

Types of sex underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear, and everyone’s preferences may be different.Here are some common sexy underwear types:

1. Sexy conjoined

Sexy conjoined is a type of underwear covering the entire body, which is usually made of thin material.They can show each part of the body and enhance the body curve through various designs.

2. lace underwear

Lace underwear includes a variety of embroidered lace designs, which are usually made of soft materials.They highlight some parts of the body, such as breasts and hips, and also show a soft and romantic feeling.

3. Uniform

Uniforms are a series of sexy underwear with specific professional themes.They include different professional themes such as nurses, police, officers.These erotic underwear can help people achieve different role -playing and fantasy, and enhance the irritation of sex.

4. Leather and PVC underwear

Leather and PVC underwear are sexy underwear made of leather and artificial materials.They highlight some parts of the body, enhance the body curve, and make special friction sounds when taking it to increase the stimulus of sexual behavior.

The purpose of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is made to increase the fun of sex.They can help people enter the mood of sex by highlighting some parts of the body, emphasizing curves and increasing fantasy.Sex underwear can also help people realize role -playing and sexual fantasies, and increase sexual stimuli.

How to choose sexy underwear?

Choosing the right sexy underwear will make you more confident in sexual behavior.Here are some factors that should be considered when choosing sexy underwear:

1. Suitable size

It is very important to choose the appropriate size underwear because it directly affects your comfort and self -confidence.Make sure to choose underwear suitable for your body, do not choose too small or too large size.

2. Personal hobbies

Different people like different types of sexy underwear. Choosing underwear that is suitable for your preference will help you feel more comfortable and confident.

3. Character and material

The texture and material of the underwear directly affect the comfort and durability.Choosing a soft, comfortable and durable underwear will make you feel more confident and sexy.

Interesting and cleaning of sexy underwear

Maintenance and cleaning is the key to ensuring the durability and comfort of sexy underwear.The following are several guiding suggestions:

1. Follow the washing instructions

Different underwear materials require different cleaning methods, so it is very important to follow the washing instructions of the underwear.

2. Hand washing and drying

Hand washing underwear is the safest and best way to protect the texture and elasticity of the underwear.Before drying, squeeze underwear lightly without using a dryer.

3. Regular replacement

Because sexy underwear is often used and washed, their life span may be shorter than other underwear.Therefore, pay attention to changing sexual underwear regularly to ensure comfort and hygiene.


Sex underwear can help enhance the irritation and pleasure of sex, and different styles, materials and colors also give people more choices.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear and regular cleaning and replacement according to the washing instructions will help you enjoy the fun of sex more confidently.

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