What is the difference between sexy underwear prices

Introduction: The price range of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very special and special underwear, and its price is often higher than the price of ordinary underwear.However, there are certain differences in the price of sexy underwear, and the price difference is relatively large.In this article, the differences in the price of sexy underwear will be explained for everyone, and the factors affecting the price of sexy underwear.

Factors 1: Material differences

Material is one of the main factors of sexy underwear prices.The price of sexy underwear in different materials is very different.For example, the price of silk underwear is much more expensive than ordinary cotton underwear.And the special materials and processing methods of sexy underwear will lead to higher prices.

Factors 2: Different styles

Style is another main factor in the price of sexy underwear.Different styles of sexy underwear are huge. For example, simple lace sexy underwear is relatively low in price, and the price of small animals and fluorescent colors will rise, and the price will rise.

Factors 3: the influence of the brand

Brand is another decisive factor in the price of sexy underwear.The higher the brand awareness, the more expensive the price of sexy underwear.Compared with non -mainstream brand sexy lingerie prices, mainstream brands will be several times or even dozens of times higher.

Factors 4: The influence of designer brand

Different from ordinary brands, the sexy underwear brand’s sexy underwear pays more attention to its techniques and design, and this technique and design often cannot be described as clearly or quantified.The price of such sex underwear is usually very expensive.

Factors 5: The impact of craftsmanship

Crafts are a very important indicator of the price of sexy underwear, and it is involved in the security problem used by users.Good craftsmanship will increase the price of sexy underwear accordingly. This is because considering that users who pay great attention to the use of experience are definitely unwilling to buy unavailable sexy underwear, so the price will naturally be higher enough.

Factors 6: The impact of the appropriate size

Similar to ordinary underwear, size is one of the influencing factors of sex underwear prices.Customized sexy underwear is high, but the size is also very important, and the gap between the user’s experience is huge.The price is also different.

Factor 7: Different sales channels

Different sales channels will also affect the price of sexy underwear.If it is online, the pricing of sexy underwear is often lower.The price of sexy underwear in physical stores is relatively slightly higher.

Factors 8: Promotional factors

Celebrating festivals and other promotional activities is often a critical period for the decline in sex underwear prices.At this time, the price of sexy underwear is relatively low, so you need to understand the official latest news in time. Some shameful public relations activities may not be published in a large area display.

Factors 9: Market demand Impact

Market demand can also affect the price of sexy underwear.In particular, some styles of sexy underwear are very popular in the market, and prices will rise.

Factor 10: Summary

The price of sexy underwear is very different, from materials, styles, brands, designer brands, craftsmanship, appropriate size, sales channels, promotion and market demand.People with different needs can choose the right sexy underwear according to their own situation to achieve a better shopping experience, which also reduces the risk of choosing misunderstanding underwear.I hope that through this article, everyone will have a more detailed and effective understanding of the price of sex underwear.

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