What is the name of even body sex underwear

What is even body -made underwear?

Lian bodyy underwear is a special underwear that connects the top and the bottom into it, usually made of lace or mesh materials.The design of this sexy underwear is usually more sexy and bold, which can show women’s attractive curves and perfect figure proportions.Because of its unique design and fabrics, more and more women choose to wear a physical and sexy underwear to show their charm and sexy.

Common conjoined erotic underwear classification and name

Depending on the design styles and materials, even the name of the sexy underwear in the market also has its own characteristics. The following is a common one -piece sexy lingerie category and name:

Wedding dress with sexy shirt

Wedding -type body -style sexy underwear is common in white or pink. The design uses lace or lace lace decoration, with rich details and folds, which is more suitable for wearing in special occasions, allowing women to show elegant and unique tastes.

Lace -style body sexy underwear

Lace -style sexy underwear actually refers to the underwear style made of a large amount of lace materials. It is generally more transparent and sexy, allowing women to show their body lines and personality when wearing.This sexy underwear is most suitable for wearing at night, showing a sexy and seductive side.

The network format connects body sexy underwear

The network format is even more interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a conjoined underwear made of grid materials.This kind of sexy underwear is more transparent, the display of the body curve is very obvious. At the same time, the material also makes people feel very textured, which can make women show their high -end taste.

Printing style sexy underwear

Print -style sexy underwear uses a unique printing process on the fabric, using different patterns and images to make underwear more fashionable and interesting.Printing has a different personality characteristics that have different personalities, which allows women to show their unique charm.

Bamboo -style body sexy underwear

Bamboo -style sexy underwear is a underwear composed of small serial support. This support can make the underwear more three -dimensional and create a perfect figure.Bamboo -style sexy underwear also has a detachable design that allows women to easily remove underwear, romantic and practical.

Vest -style body sexy underwear

The vest -style sexy underwear is a conjoined underwear composed of vests and underwear connections. Compared with ordinary underwear, this kind of sexy underwear can better support the breasts, highlight the curve of women’s waist, allow womenMore sexy and charming.

Sexy butterfly -style sexy underwear

Sexy butterfly -style sexy underwear uses special butterfly decoration, which can highlight the bright spots of women on the waist and back.This kind of sexy underwear is not only sexy, but also very interesting, especially suitable for those who are interesting and individual.


The difference between the perspective and physical erotic underwear is its special perspective design. It shows a certain part of the female body through one or more transparent windows., Especially suitable for women who are brave to challenge the limit.


Different styles of conjoined sexy underwear have their own characteristics. Women can choose the style that suits them best according to their own shape and personality.In addition, when choosing a physical and sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the selection of the size and the quality of the fabric. Only when you choose the appropriate underwear can women get the best display in their sensation and appearance.

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