What kind of sexy underwear can’t stand the most

What kind of sexy underwear can’t stand the most

As a kind of sexy underwear, it is not only a woman’s clothing, but also a role in flirting and adding fun.Different types of sexy lingerie are wearing on the body, and the impression that people leave people are not the same.So, what kind of sexy underwear can’t stand the most?Let me analyze it for you in detail.

1. Too exposed and exposed styles

In daily dressing, if women who are too exposed may attract men’s interest and attention, but if they wear sexy underwear on the bed, the situation will be different.Men have requirements for sexy sexy underwear, but too exposed and exposed styles are not liked by men.Especially when I met a man for the first time, wearing too exposed sexy underwear will leave a bad impression.

2. Poor quality style

The material of the sexy underwear determines its quality. If the quality is poor, it will look cheap.The most unbearable sexy underwear that men can’t stand the quality not only affect the overall beauty, but also cause skin discomfort, bringing certain discomfort to the sex process.

3. No exquisite and sexy style

A delicate and sexy sexy underwear has many advantages, which can make men full of curiosity and observation desires, and at the same time, it can also play a role in increasing attractiveness and temperament.If the style is not exquisite enough, it is difficult to achieve the effect of satisfying men.

4. I completely ignore my own characteristics

Each woman’s body is different. It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to her body.If you completely ignore your own characteristics, choose inappropriate sexy underwear, no matter how you wear it, it will give people an inconsistent feeling.The final effect will become worse and worse.

5. Interest or unclean underwear with odor or unclean

Interesting underwear is a very private item, so cleaning and cleaning before use are particularly important.If wearing a sex or unclean color underwear, it will not only affect the process of sex, but also bring certain hidden dangers to health.

6. Too loose or tight sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size suitable for your personal figure. Choosing an inappropriate size will make the sexy underwear too loose or tight, which will not only restrain the comfort of the body, but also affect the visual effect.Therefore, the appropriate size is important.

7. Design too strange sexy underwear

Some sexy lingerie styles are very strange, such as animal costumes, oversized size, too much shame, etc.Wearing this kind of underwear on the body not only makes people feel very abrupt, but also makes people distract, which has a negative impact on sexual experience.

8. There is no style of modifying the back

Interesting underwear must be taken into account both. Generally speaking, men have a soft spot for women with sexy backs. At this time, if you put on a sexy underwear that can modify the back, it will make the overall image more attractive.


When choosing a sexy underwear, women should think from the perspective of men, consider the appropriate style and size, and clean and replace the underwear.Interest underwear should be comfortable, delicate, and sexy, rather than being too exposed, strange or poor.When women wear a comfortable and suitable sexy underwear, they can not only add interest, but also make men full of curiosity and desire, and then improve their sexual quality.

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