What kind of sexy underwear do men like

What kind of sexy underwear do men like

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that has received increasing attention in modern people’s lives.Some people think that the function of the underwear is to make the body healthier, but sexy underwear pays more attention to the sexy and physical curve of the wearer.In many sexy underwear, which type of men prefer?Let’s analyze them one by one.

Sexy lace jacket

Lace is a representative of beauty and sexy in sexy underwear.Adding details and designs to underwear can increase teasing.For men, sexy lace underwear reveals that it has great temptation and often becomes its first choice.

Leopard or pattern

Leopard or pattern sexy underwear attracts men with its rich colors, shapes and patterns.For most men, this underwear is very exciting.Geometric patterns and patterns are also very popular.

Transparent underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is considered the most sexy type.The transparent material can make the curve of the body more obvious and show the beauty of the female body.The transparent appearance design can stimulate imagination and cause strong curiosity and desire for men.


Men prefer tight erotic underwear because they can better highlight their bodies and cleavage.This clothing looks very sexy on the bed and can make the body have a good curve.Girls with long body are most suitable for wearing sexy underwear.


The corset is the most common type of sexy underwear.It can make the chest look plump and soft, while simulating the fourth and fifth curves.For many men, they think that corset is a very sexy and enchanting clothing.


Even the sexy underwear can cover the entire body and show the perfect curve.This appearance can be very tempting, especially when the top is exposed.Soft texture fabrics can increase sexual experience, making lingerie underwear one of the popular styles of men.


The abdomen is designed to make women look more compact and beautiful.For men, good waist lines and hip -lifting curves can arouse their desires.Therefore, the abdomen sexy underwear is also very popular with men.


Stockings give people a soft, delicate and elastic feeling, and show the long legs of the beauty. Such a scene is often regarded as a model of sexy style. Stockings play an indispensable role in fun underwear.


In general, sexy, bold, and curved sexy underwear is the most popular with men.For women, they will also be more confident and sexy because of wearing such sex underwear.Therefore, in daily life, wearing your favorite erotic underwear, let yourself not only exudes female beauty in the body.

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