What machine do you use to do sex underwear

What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a sexy, bold and challenging clothing. It allows women to wear on different occasions to show sexy and charm.As a special women’s underwear, it needs to use special clothing machines and processes.

What machines do I need for sex underwear manufacturing?

Making sexy underwear requires many different machines to complete various processes.This includes sewing machines, clippers, tough cloth machines, leveling machines, etc.

Sewing machine

Sewing machines are one of the most commonly used machines for making sexy underwear.Different sewing machines have different functions, including straight sewing machines, flat sewing machines, semi -self -motivation, fully automatic machines, etc.


The cloth cutting machine is a machine specially used to cut the fabric. It can cut large cloth into a suitable size fabric for follow -up processing.The cutting accuracy of the shear machine is relatively high, which can ensure the accuracy of the size of the sexy underwear.


The tone machine is a machine used to iron the cloth. It can make the sexy underwear fabric more beautiful and smooth, and at the same time, the wrinkles on the fabric can be removed.


The tile machine is one of the essential machines for making sexy underwear, which is mainly used to stretch and hold the fabric.This helps get better compatibility and makes underwear tighter.

Other machine

In addition to the machine mentioned above, making sexy underwear also requires using special machines to complete some special processes.For example, special needle beds, sewing eye machines, positioning machines, etc.These machines are usually customized according to specific design needs.

What technologies do I need to make sexy underwear?

In addition to the application of machines, making sexy underwear also requires some technologies, such as: selection, shearing, suture, preparation and repair of the fabric.These technologies often require very strict standards and requirements to ensure the comfort of sexy underwear and fashion.

How to choose the right fabric?

Choosing the right fabric is one of the primary tasks of making sexy underwear.Generally, the fabrics of sexy underwear need to be used with natural smooth texture materials, such as silk, cotton yarn and translucent and soft mesh.

The main points of the design of sexy underwear

The design points of sexy underwear are very important. The quality of the design points determines the final style and comfort of the sexy underwear.The main points of design need to be taken into account the comfort and appearance of ergonomics, waistlines, and inner layers.

How to test the quality after processing?

The processing of sexy underwear is inseparable from quality control.During the production process, the quality inspection of sexy underwear needs to be regularly inspected.It mainly includes check size, fiber content, dyeing fastness, durability, suture and other aspects.

in conclusion

Making sexy underwear is a very detailed and complicated job.It is necessary to design, manufacture, and process a perfect cooperation of multiple links.Only by coordinating these links can we make excellent quality of sexy underwear.

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