What service items are there in sex underwear stores

Interest underwear stores are a store that sells sexy underwear and adult products.In addition to selling sexy underwear, these stores also provide a variety of service items to meet the needs of customers.In this article, we will introduce the service items of some common sexy underwear stores.

1. Through service

Try -through service is an important service item in the sexy underwear store, which allows customers to try to be interested.Some erotic underwear even needs to be tailored, so trying to penetrate services is particularly important for buying sexy underwear.Storkers usually help customers find the most suitable size and ensure that customers feel comfortable.If you are not sure of your size, be sure to try it on.

2. Consultation service

Store staff in sexy underwear stores are usually very professional, and can provide consulting services for sexy underwear, adult products, and sex toys.They can answer your questions about size, style, fabric, and use, and help you choose the most suitable product.If you are not sure what you want, you can listen to the opinions and suggestions of the clerk.

3. Private shopping

For some customers, shopping at sex underwear shops may feel a little nervous.Therefore, some sexy underwear stores provide private shopping services.Customers can book a professional clerk as their private shopping assistant.The clerk will follow the customer and provide services and suggestions according to the needs and preferences of customers.This service usually requires additional payment.

4. Party service

Some sexy underwear stores also provide party services.You can make an appointment for a sexy underwear party. The shop staff will go to your home or venue and provide a series of services, such as showing the latest sexy underwear, introducing sex products, playing sex games, etc.This service usually needs to make an appointment in advance and pay an additional fee.

5. Boutique gift packaging

For some customers, sending sex products or sexy underwear may be an embarrassing experience.Therefore, some fun underwear stores provide boutique gift packaging services to ensure that the gift looks luxurious and quality.The clerk will provide different choices according to your needs and budgets.

6. Return service

Although sexy underwear cannot be replaced, some sexy underwear stores provide this service.If you have any quality problems or discomfort you buy, you can contact the staff to refund and exchange.The clerk usually helps you deal with these problems.

7. Private customization service

Some sexy underwear stores provide privately ordering sexy underwear services.You can cooperate with the clerk to customize the sexy underwear you need under the designated materials, styles and sizes.This service usually has extremely high prices and customized cycles.

8. VIP member service

Some sexy underwear stores also provide VIP membership services.You can pay a certain amount of expenses as members, and enjoy various special treatment in the store, such as preferential prices, points return, exclusive activities, etc.

In general, the sexy underwear store provides a variety of service items to meet the needs of different customers.If you have any questions or needs, the clerk is usually willing to help and provide suggestions.Choosing a sexy underwear shop that suits you and enjoying its various services is a great fun to buy sexy underwear.

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