What sexy underwear like AB men like

What sexy underwear like AB men like

1. Introduction

The personality of type AB men is relatively complicated, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of type A and B. The angle and attitude of things are very unique.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, there are corresponding differences in their needs. The following is a detailed introduction.

Second, perspective erotic sheet

Performing erotic underwear is a very tempting underwear, especially suitable for charming women.For AB men, perspective sexy underwear will inspire their strange psychology and make them even more excited.In addition, perspective sexy underwear can also show women’s beautiful figure curves, making it easier for men to fall into emotional obsession.

Third, sexy Bacori -style sexy underwear

The interface design of the bikini -style sexy underwear is unique. It uses high heels and three -dimensional tailoring, which can make women’s legs more slender and the chest is prominent.For naughty AB men, such sexy underwear will bring them more visual pleasure.

Fourth, open files sexy sheet

Open sexy underwear is a particularly bold sexy underwear. It allows men to directly act with women through a more open opening part.For AB -type men with strong impulse, opening sexy underwear can meet their bold and more obscene sexual needs.

Five, lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is moving and romantic, suitable for women with emotional temperament. The color and texture of this underwear are very soft. On the skin, it gives a gentle and comfortable feeling.For romantic AB men, lace sexy underwear perfectly reflects their character and has a strong impact visually.

Six, tulle sexy underwear

The tulle is soft and lingerie, and the body lines are fitted. At the same time, it has the effect of perspective. It can make men’s imagination more vivid and may make romanticists more association.Type AB men pay attention to experience different feelings, so this sexy underwear is very suitable for them.

Seven, seven-sized G-String sexy underwear

G-String sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. It with a T-shirt can make you show your long waist and look more sexy and charming.For AB men who want to have a different sexual experience at one time, this sexy underwear is a choice worth trying.

Eight, leather sex lingerie

Leather sex lingerie is a very irritating sexy underwear.In terms of color, black is the main color, which brings a cool effect.For AB -type men who like freedom, personality, and controlling power, there is no doubt that leather erotic underwear is the best choice.

Nine, red color sexy underwear

Red is a symbol of women’s charm and a color with a strong impact.For AB -type men who love romance, pornography, and exciting, red sexy underwear is a symbol of love and a strong sexual impulse.

Ten, black color sexy underwear

Black color sex lingerie is a mysterious sexy underwear. It can show the various emotions deep in people’s hearts. The desire to explore the mysterious veil behind it is very suitable for the AB type that wants to stimulate adventure and adventure spirit.man.

in conclusion

In general, for a complicated AB man, you must choose a sexy underwear that conforms to his personality.All kinds of sexy underwear introduced above are different from person to person. I hope to give you the correct guidance and find the most suitable sexy underwear.

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