What to do if you buy sexy underwear online

Understand your size

Before buying sexy underwear online, it is important to understand your size.It is recommended to measure the size of your chest, waist, hip and other parts, and choose the size table provided by each seller.Because the size standards of different brands and different countries may be different, it is necessary to determine the size of the selected underwear before shopping.

Choose the right style and theme

There are many types of sexy underwear, and the themes also have various choices.When choosing, you must combine your body characteristics, personal preferences and purchase purposes.For example, the bras can choose a style with high comfort or higher comfort, while the conjoined underwear can selectively sexy or charm.

Understand the material and fabric

When buying sexy underwear, it is necessary to understand the materials and fabrics.Such as silk, lace, mesh, etc. are common fabrics.Before choosing, you can read the detailed description of the product provided by the seller to understand what the underwear is made from the material, and how its texture and touch.

Pay attention to the way of washing

Different underwear materials can be used in different ways of washing. If you accidentally wash your underwear, you will lose it.It is recommended to understand the washing method of underwear when buying, and clean it according to the instructions to maintain the quality and color of the underwear.

Check the seller evaluation

Before purchasing, you can check the seller’s evaluation to learn about the reputation of the other party, and the attitude of pre -sale and after -sales service.At the same time, you can also review the shopping experience of other buyers to better measure the service quality of the seller.

Comparison price and discount

When choosing the right underwear, the price and discount are also one of the factors for consideration.Browse the prices of many sellers, compare the preferential strength and price advantages of each product, so as to obtain a more cost -effective choice.

Keep privacy and security

Because the purchase of sexy underwear involves private privacy, maintaining privacy and security is a factors that must be considered when buying underwear.When buying, you must choose a credible seller and confirm the safety of the shopping platform.

Return policy and process

When buying sexy underwear, you must also understand the seller’s return policy and process.After purchasing, if the size is inappropriate or quality problems, contact the seller in a timely manner to solve it.

SF or other courier methods

When buying sexy underwear, the outside of the package does not marked the name or form of the underwear.You can choose SF or other courier methods to ensure the privacy of the package.


There are many ways to buy sexy underwear online, but every method needs to pay attention to some important matters, so as to make the purchase experience more smooth.The above solutions can make you more assured to buy your own sexy underwear.

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