What woman throws sexy jackets

What woman throws sexy jackets

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear specially designed for women. They usually use fine fabrics, lace details and sexy styles.Whether in the bedroom or outside the field, sexy underwear can make women feel confident and sexy.However, some women may throw away their sexy underwear. Today we will understand the reasons why these women.

Paragraph 1: Size error

The fit of sexy underwear is very important, and some women may buy error -sized underwear.If the sexy underwear is too small, they will be too tight, causing discomfort and cramped.On the other hand, if the underwear is too large and waste money, the underwear is unlikely to cover the most beautiful part of the body.Therefore, it is important to use the correct size.

Paragraph 2: Underwear wear

Sexy underwear is carefully made, and their exquisite details may be damaged after wearing it often.For example, lace is often worn, which will cause the fabric to fall off and eventually cannot be worn again.In this case, women can only throw them away because there is no opportunity.

Paragraph 3: Material quality

Some sexy underwear may be made of low -quality materials.Even though these underwear look good at the beginning, it becomes tattered after several washing.Due to low -quality fabrics, these sexy underwear can be repaired in theory, but repair cannot solve the problem of deterioration of fabrics when long -term use.

Paragraph 4: embarrassing occasions

In addition to sexy underwear to take pictures, it is taken for granted women to wear sexy underwear in some occasions.However, if a woman feels that their sexy underwear is not suitable for a reason, they may throw them away.For example, when people do not like sexy underwear, or sexy underwear shows additional skin rather than women itself.

Paragraph 5: Unexpected gifts

When women buy underwear, they may receive some manufacturers’ sexy underwear as gifts, but the quality may not be satisfactory, or the style is not appropriate to their physical structure.For women in this case, throwing away is a convenient and reasonable solution.

Paragraph 6: The style is inappropriate

Some women throw them away because the style of erotic underwear is not suitable for them.For example, the color or design of some sexy underwear will bring uncomfortable feelings to women, and they don’t want to wear it.Therefore, style factors are also important.

Paragraph 7: I can’t find a place where the interest is suitable

When some women live in a distant place or do not know where they can buy sexy underwear, they may throw away the sexy underwear they already have.They don’t want to be seen by others, but they have no chance to show the happy side.

Paragraph 8: anxiety and worry

In some cases, women may throw away their sexy underwear because they are afraid that leaving sex underwear in some places will cause people’s doubts.For example, when they mistakenly throwing erotic underwear into a stranger’s trash can, or because the people next to them were at a loss, the sexy underwear was thrown away.

Paragraph Nine: Social pressure

Due to some cultural and religious traditions, women are not accepted when wearing sexy underwear in some social circles.Therefore, some women decide to throw away their sexy underwear to avoid potential social pressure.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

Regardless of when women choose to throw away their sexy underwear, a reasonable solution is to donate them.In this way, not only can help other women get sexy clothing, but it can also make their own personal belongings be well reused.Of course, if the erotic underwear cannot be used or extremely dilapidated at all, they can also properly handle them to maintain environmental hygiene.

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