Where can I buy gta5 sexy underwear


In the GTA5 game, beauty lingerie is a topic that players are more concerned.For many players, they not only want to see the beauty in the game wearing sexy sexy underwear, but also want a set of their own game characters.So where can I buy sexy underwear in the GTA5 game?

Leading task reward

If you complete some leading tasks, then you can get some game rewards, one of which is sexy underwear.This sexy underwear can only be obtained in the game and cannot be purchased in the game store.After completing the task, you can find it in the drop -down menu.

clothing store

If you want to get more sexy underwear, you can go to the clothing store in the game.There are many different styles of sexy underwear, you can choose the one you like.Remember, before entering the store, your game character needs enough cash.If you do not have enough cash, then you need to get through game tasks or other ways.

online shop

In the GTA5 game, you can buy sexy underwear through the online store.These sexy underwear cannot be found in the game store, so you need to open the online store to buy.In the directory, you can find a part related to clothing.There are many different erotic lingerie styles here. You can find your favorite style and buy it here.

Modified garage

If you drive a luxury sports car, you can use a modified garage to decorate your vehicle.These garages have many different decorations, including sexy underwear.Many players use this method to make their cars unique.

Wanted task reward

The wanted task is an interesting activity in the GTA5 game.If you can complete the wanted task, you can get different rewards, one of them is sexy underwear.After completing the task, you can find it in the drop -down menu.

Annual update

The annual update of the GTA5 game usually adds many new game content, which may include new sexy lingerie styles.Please make sure you have updated the game to the latest version to get all new game props and rewards.

Losheng Metropolis Store

Some erotic lingerie can only be purchased at the Lousheng Metropolis store.These erotic underwear is usually better than other places in erotic underwear.However, when buying these sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the price.These sexy underwear is very expensive, so more cash is needed to buy.

Egg mission

There are some hidden egg tasks in the GTA5 game. Completing these tasks will get a variety of rewards, including sexy underwear.For players who like to explore the game world, this is a good way to get sexy underwear.


In the GTA5 game, there are many different ways to get sexy underwear.You can get your favorite styles through various channels, such as completing tasks, purchasing or exploring the game world.Make sure you have enough cash or rewards to buy your favorite sexy underwear.

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