Where can I have fun shown in Shanghai

Where can I have fun underwear in Shanghai?

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is favored by many people between underwear and sex supplies.More and more people want to buy sexy underwear to increase the sensory experience. However, where is Shanghai’s sexy underwear shop?This article will take you to understand where there are interesting underwear stores in Shanghai.

#1 People’s Square

As the most prosperous business center in Shanghai, the shopping mall around the People’s Square brings together many sexy underwear stores, such as Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Hang Lung Square, Hong Konghui Plaza, etc., all of which have many shops for customers to choose from.

#2 Xu Jiahui

The Xujiahui Chamber of Commercial District is also a place where the sex underwear stores are relatively concentrated. For example, in Xujiahui Mall, Xujiahui Da Yuesheng, and Jiuguang Department Store have very good sexy underwear stores.

#3 Xintiandi

Xintiandi Business District is a relatively retro place in Shanghai. The local sex lingerie shop is also incorporated into this retro style. Here you can not only buy general sexy underwear, but also find ancient style kimono, various styles of stockings, etc.

#4 Huaihai Road

There are also many sexy underwear shops on the Huaihai Road, such as brands such as "show" and "amour". The appearance design of the store is fashionable and interior, and the professional services of the clerk have attracted many young people to choose underwear.

#5 Jing’an Temple

Jing’an Temple Business District is one of the fashion landmarks in Shanghai. Most of the sexy underwear shops here are small boutique shops. Classical colors and new designs are built to build a comfortable environment.

#6 Songhu Road

Songhu Road is one of the oldest commercial streets in Shanghai. There are many sexy underwear boutique. Buying sexy underwear here can feel the collision of history and fashion.

#7 Lujiazui

Lujiazui Commercial District is an emerging business area in Shanghai. Most of the large -scale shopping malls inside have shops specializing in sexy underwear, such as Oriental Commercial Building and Wuguo Parkson. These shops are large in scale and rich in product types.

#8 Pu Dong

Pudong New District, as an emerging area of Shanghai, is relatively fresh than other areas, and many new brands have gradually developed the market here.

#9 online shop

Of course, in addition to physical erotic underwear stores, online shopping is also a convenient choice. Major e -commerce platforms have many sexy underwear shops to choose from.

#10 Recommended conscience

In so many erotic underwear shops, there is a "LVIB" (Writing L-VIB), located in Nanjing East Road, which is located on People’s Square. It is a shop that focuses on international brand sexy underwear after years.All top brands in the United States, Europe, and Japan have all settled in, and have a complete business license and the authentic channels imported from the original single, providing consumers with more and better products and services.


Friends who want to buy sexy underwear can choose the above locations to buy, or choose to shop through online, but buying sex underwear also needs to pay attention to confidentiality. It is important to choose reliable channels.

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