Where can I sell sexy underwear in Tianjin


Tianjin is a Chinese city full of vitality and modernity, and millions of young people live here.These young people often pay attention to fashion trends, and various costumes including sexy underwear are highly sought after.If you want to buy sexy underwear in Tianjin, there are some stores and online stores available for reference.

1. Sephora Department Store

In Tianjin, Sephora Department Store is a well -known high -end brand store. It is located in many large shopping malls in the city center including Tianjin Dayue City, Vientiane City, Hisense Plaza, etc.Sephora Department Store offers multiple brand sexy underwear, including La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Chantelle, etc.

2. Hang Lung Square

Hang Lung Plaza is a fashionable shopping mall, near the Cavaliers Building of Nankai District, Tianjin.There are many well-known brands, including many global underwear brands, such as Victoria ’s Secret, Vivienne Westwood and LACE-SENSATION.

3. Annie Fantastic Year

"Annie Fantastic Year" is a sexy girl Sa Yi and Sun Li’s two actresses in the Mainland China.This store has a rich sales variety, diverse underwear styles, and affordable prices.

4. Quota underwear network

"Interesting Underwear Network" is an online store that provides high -quality, low -priced sexy underwear and other sexual supplies.This store has a large number of supply, and the website is easy to access.You can find different brands and types of sexy underwear here.

5. Peter Daughter

She is a online store that focuses on providing sexy underwear and sexual supplies.It is simple and convenient to access the girl website, and you can learn about various styles and brand’s sexy underwear.This store has a good after -sales service, you can easily buy the underwear you want.

6. Online shopping platform

If you like online shopping, large online shopping platforms are also a good choice.You can search for the keyword "sexy underwear" on the e -commerce platform and find the required products.Product pictures and comments provided by merchants can help you make shopping decisions well.

7. Supermarket

There are also some sexy underwear sales in supermarkets and other supermarkets.Although their series are not as rich as underwear stores, their prices are relatively cheap, suitable for people who want to buy entry -level sexy underwear.

8. Other underwear chains

In addition to stores specializing in sexy underwear, some underwear stores also sell such underwear styles, such as Aimer and Jiu Mu King.These shops are more suitable for those who want to find more moderate underwear but do not pay much attention to the brand.

9. Family rich and strong

The Tianjin family is rich and strong is a large home store, and it also sells sexy underwear.The price of this store is cheaper than ordinary underwear stores. In addition, their locker rooms are relatively large, suitable for customers to try to buy sexy underwear suitable for them.

10. Street shops

In the major business districts and streets in Tianjin, you can find some sexy underwear shops.Their prices are relatively cheap, but the environmental conditions of most stores are not as good as specialty stores.Some customers may need to be vigilant when buying to ensure the quality of the underwear they purchased.

in conclusion

The above shops or online stores are the main choices for Tianjin to buy sexy underwear.You can choose based on the price and brand. Some of them specialize in selling some mid -to -high -end brands and high -quality sexy underwear. In addition, some are more affordable and the quality is more general.The most important thing is that you need to find a shop you trust to avoid unnecessary waste while ensuring quality.

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