Where is the easier to pick up sexy underwear

Where is the easier to pick up sexy underwear

As an expert in sexy underwear, sometimes we not only pay attention to the style of sexy underwear, but also pay attention to the trend and sales of sexy underwear.In this process, we will inevitably see some sexy underwear in different places.So, where are the easier to pick up sexy underwear?Below we will make a corresponding introduction and explanation for everyone.

1. Lianyu Plaza

As a large shopping mall, there are many tourists in Lianyu Plaza, and it has gathered the flagship store of many well -known internationally renowned brands.Due to the huge number of tourists, it is easy for tourists to fall in erotic underwear due to factors such as touch and trial.What’s more, some erotic underwear will be left in a more hidden place when the cleaning process is not appropriate or omitted.

2. Hotel

The hotel is a place with love and passion, so it is also one of the places of loss of sex underwear.A variety of sexy underwear can often be found in hotel rooms.These erotic underwear may be unintentionally forgotten by the guests, or the hotel employees or cleaners are negligent.

3. Nightclub

As a entertainment venue, nightclubs are often places where young people gather.In the crazy music and joy atmosphere, some customers may fall into a messy lingerie due to excessive drinking or other reasons.In addition, there are generally oneless cleaning in the nightclubs. The loss of sex underwear or hidden is mostly because of negligence or omissions in the cleaning work.

4. Park

The park is a good place for shopping, walking or traveling.Falling items can often be found in the park, and sometimes sexy underwear is also found.These sexy underwear may be accidentally dropped by tourists or couples in the park.

5. Subway station

Transportation is usually large, so if something falls from the crowd is likely to be stepped on or crushed into pieces.However, at the occasion of less pedestrians and traffic at subway stations, the falling sex underwear is usually relatively complete.

6. Public toilets

The toilet is often a trial place for some sex toys, and it is also a drop place for sex underwear.In public toilets, sexy underwear may be dropped by customers, or it may be the omissions that the cleaners have not noticed during the cleanup process.

7. Teaching building

During the number of students in the teaching building and often alternated, the people have a high traffic.Therefore, various items can often be dropped in teaching buildings.Sex underwear may be lost in the process of students in the process of get out of class.

8. Gym

As a sports place, the gym rarely has the loss of erotic underwear, but in the locker room, due to the simple personal privacy protection and operation, it is easy for customers to forget a corner of the gym.

9. Public transportation

The traffic of the carriage of public transportation is extremely large, so it is difficult to find the erotic underwear that accidentally falls from passengers, get rid of passenger Theft or passengers.Under the bus seats and subway seats, you can often find the collection and collection of various items, and sexy underwear often appears in it.

10. Road

When people wear home, they may go out to purchase or walk dogs. If the sexy underwear accidentally falls off, it may be picked up by passers -by.The road is relatively narrow, and the sidewalks are separated by the fence, and sometimes it is easy to miss the falling sexy underwear.

In general, the drop of sexy underwear depends only on the environment and some uncontrollable factors at that time.Considering the hygiene factors, if you do not touch the sexy underwear, you’d better not pick it up, but in a few cases, some sexy underwear is suitable for "picking home".

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