Why can’t Douyin buy sexy underwear

Douyin’s advertising policy

Douyin, as a very popular short video social software, has a large number of user bases.In response to these user bases, many companies have invested a lot of advertising fees to promote and promote goods.However, some of the contents of Douyin’s advertising policy are prohibited, including sexy underwear.

Douyin’s restrictions on sexy underwear

Many users found in Douyin that some product promotion of sexy underwear was prohibited.Even in some live broadcast rooms, sexy underwear cannot be displayed.Why is this?In fact, Douyin’s restrictions on sexy underwear mainly originate from its problems existing in social ethics and laws and regulations.

Social ethics and laws and regulations issues

The sales and promotion of sexy underwear can easily attract the attention of public opinion.Because such products are often synonymous with "pornography", applying them in software such as Douyin may have a negative impact and social responsibility.In addition, according to my country’s laws and regulations, sexy underwear belongs to adult products and is not suitable for publicity and publicity in public.

Platform operation and business model

In addition, Douyin can be described as a typical social platform that is biased towards young groups.To promote or promote on this platform, it is often necessary to follow certain operations and business models, and strictly control the quality and user experience.Therefore, for sensitive content like sex underwear, Douyin is also more cautious in advertising review and merchants settled in.

Affect user experience and platform image

From the perspective of user experience and platform pictures, the product information of sexy underwear is often composed of more explicit pictures and expressions, which is easy to make users feel uncomfortable.If this sensitive content is widely publicized on Douyin, it will not only cause adverse effects on user experience and platform image, but also may be complained and titled by users.

Allowing promotion on some platforms

Although the promotion of sexy underwear on Douyin is banned, many sexy shops choose to promote on other platforms outside of this market.For example, on some adult products franchise websites and special social software, such products are allowed to sell, promote and promote.

Purchase ways in real life

If you are interested in sexy underwear, you can go to buy special adult products or related e -commerce platforms.Here, you can find a richer and high -quality sexy underwear products than Douyin to meet your different needs.At the same time, it can also avoid negative impacts on social order and moral concepts.

Suggestions for buying sex underwear

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, choose a regular sales channel to ensure the quality of the goods and after -sales service.Secondly, when choosing a product, you need to think about your needs, rather than blindly pursuing low prices and stimuli.Finally, pay attention to maintaining your personal privacy and security to avoid potential risks.

in conclusion

In summary, Douyin, as a social software, is more cautious about sensitive content such as sexy underwear in the process of advertising review and merchants settled.From the perspective of social morality and laws and regulations, sexy underwear is also an adult product, which is not suitable for extensive publicity and promotion on public platforms.Therefore, if you are interested in products such as sexy underwear, you may wish to try to buy it at specialty stores or adult products e -commerce platforms.

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