Why do men like to wear sexy underwear

Why do men like to wear sexy underwear

In recent years, men have begun to add some sexy underwear to their wardrobe.But why do men like to wear sexy underwear?The following is some possible reasons.

Personal preferences

Men do not necessarily wear sex underwear because of other people’s opinions or needs.They may just choose to wear sexy underwear because of their personal hobbies.For some men, wearing erotic underwear is a kind of enjoyment, making them feel more sexy and confident.


Wearing erotic underwear can stimulate men’s sexual desire and make them feel more excited and pleasant.This feeling usually reaches a climax when we are with your partner.Men will feel more confident because they wear sexy underwear, and they are more active in sex.

Meet the needs of partner

Some men meet the needs of their partners when they wear sexy underwear.They will feel that wearing sexy underwear will make their partners more pleasant and satisfied.Such men usually care about the needs of their partners, and hope to increase sexual passion through wearing sex underwear.

Increase interest

Wearing sexy underwear can increase sex and make the relationship between men and partners more close and harmonious.This increased interest usually makes sex time longer, making the sex process more pleasant and fulfilling.

Try to accept your body

Wearing sexy underwear can help men accept their bodies and feel more confident and self -esteem.Sexy underwear can help cover the body’s defects and make them look more perfect. This is one of the reasons why men like to wear sexy underwear.

Love atmosphere and mood

Wearing sexy underwear can create a more romantic environment and atmosphere.This sexy underwear is usually made of soft materials, making the wearer feel very comfortable and comfortable.Men can create a romantic atmosphere by wearing fun underwear, bringing surprises and joy to their partners.

Follow the fashion trend

The degree of acceptance of men’s erotic underwear has gradually increased.Wearing sexy underwear has become a part of men’s fashion, which is one of the reasons why men start wearing sexy underwear.As a result, the influence of fashion trends has gradually increased, allowing many men to choose to wear sexy underwear.

Pursue stimuli and fantasy

Some men wear sexy underwear to pursue stimulation and fantasy.This method of dressing provides men with a way to find new sense and excitement.Men feel a kind of excitement and excitement in this behavior, bringing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for men to wear sexy underwear, which can be pursuing sexy, fantasy, meeting partner needs, self -identity, and so on.This behavior requires the interesting match between the two parties, and the attitude of openness and respect.Wearing sex underwear is not shameful for men, but should be regarded as a kind of sex.

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