Wife goes out in sexy lingerie


In marriage, there are many topics that need to discuss and fully respect each other’s views.One of the topics that make many couple embarrassed and unable to talk about are sexy underwear.Although many people think that sexy underwear is only prepared on Valentine’s Day or celebrating special days, but now, more and more women have regarded sex underwear as daily underwear.So, what would you think if your wife went out in erotic underwear?This article will introduce the topic of his wife’s wearing erotic underwear and how to solve this problem.

What is the difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear?

For many men, sexy underwear is no different from ordinary underwear, because underwear in their eyes is nothing more than a cover wrapped in women.However, in the eyes of women, sexy underwear is full of variety of styles and styles, including some "exposed" styles, which is also the biggest difference from ordinary underwear.

Is it appropriate to wear a sexy underwear?

My wife is very delicate because she is wearing a sexy lingerie, because it involves many aspects.But if you want to get an objective answer, we need to consider some basic situations.If it is a small black vest, the lace is around, and it is possible to show a little bit.If you are only wearing underwear when you live with your husband alone at home, it is obviously not suitable to wear it outside.If it is a more available -type equipment, you need not say it.

The intention behind behavior?

On this issue, what is important is to figure out the intention behind the women’s wearing sexy underwear.Is it surprising and showing the charm?Is it to exude a confidence and sexy atmosphere?Or do you want to show your personality and attitude that is not bound by mechanical label?If we can figure out these, then we may be able to solve the problem of sexy underwear.


Women wearing fun underwear cannot be separated from the environment.For example, the mood of wearing indoors and outdoor is different, so the needs and purpose of choosing dressing will be different.If you are indoors, there are many optional occasions. For example, you can show unexpectedly after the man goes home, or add a little fun to the life of the two people; if it is outdoors, the occasion is more limited, such as some private parties, special occasions, special occasions, special occasions, special occasionsThe gathering of these places requires the public’s views of clothes relatively loose.

Consider social concept

What we must recognize is that the authorities are fascinated and the bystanders are clear.We have to admit that the degree of openness of sex in the social background is not high enough. Many underwear styles and the body parts showing the body will be considered unsaled.welcome.Therefore, we must choose the method of dressing according to the social environment of our own, and to play our own advantages and charm in moderation.

Respect the other party’s choice

When you are angry, you may turn your opponent’s choice into each other’s mistakes, but there is no standard answer to the right or wrong.Human nature is relative. The problem of wearing a sexy underwear is good or bad. It is just right and extremely difficult to open up, so if we turn the other party’s choice into wrong, it involves respect for respect.Everyone has the right to choose to choose, so that the other party can choose to choose, maintain a good family relationship and a decent husband and wife image.

Process negative comment

Even if you use the above efforts, there will still be people who still express different opinions on your behavior of wearing erotic underwear. We need to deal with such negative remarks.First of all, we should keep calm, do not burn in anger, and avoid the expansion of conflicts.Then give a response to different types of comments to avoid concentrating a reply to everyone.Expressing attitudes clearly and clearly, you must also pay attention to the occasion and operation method.

How to deal with embarrassing occasions?

There are some occasions that are embarrassing. For example, wearing sex underwear to an unexpected environment, "interest" has become "strange".At this time, it is recommended not to attract too much attention at this time, and consider whether it is possible to transfer the topic, match coats, and replace measures in time to resolve embarrassment.If you encounter such a situation for the second time, you still feel very disturbing. It is recommended that if you try to obey the surrounding opinions without trying, ordinary underwear will not make mistakes.

Tolerant of others and tolerant yourself

In the process of dealing with this problem, tolerance is very important.Tolerance and openness are also applicable to legal issues between husband and wife.Everyone should have their own options. In daily life, try to minimize mutual assertions and accusations, and think equally, tolerance, and rationally thinking about problems. Such a marriage can be happy for a long time.


In the relationship between husband and wife, trust and respect are the two most important keywords.When you are facing your wife’s problem of wearing a sexy lingerie, the first thing to do is to trust and respect your lover’s choice.In order to better deal with this problem, you need to understand the differences between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear, the intentions behind it, and the occasion of dressing, as well as how to deal with possible negative comments and embarrassing occasions.The most important thing is to tolerate others and tolerate yourself when dealing with problems.

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