Will my wife be angry when I buy a sexy underwear?

Will my wife be angry when I buy a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of sexy clothing that can increase interest and color and make the relationship between couples closer and enthusiastic.But buying sexy underwear will make his wife angry?This is a topic worth exploring.In this article, I will explain the reason why buying sexy underwear may make my wife angry, and how to avoid such situations.

1. Prejudice for sexy underwear

Some people think that sexy underwear is an immoral clothes and should only be used in prostitution places.This prejudice comes from the constraints of traditional culture, as well as restrictions on sex and attitude.If my wife also holds this view, then buying sexy underwear can easily cause her resentment and anger.

2. Security and Hygiene problem

Interest underwear can not be washed every day like ordinary underwear. Be sure to clean and disinfect it at a time.If there is no good maintenance and cleaning method, it will cause bacteria to breed and bring harm to women’s private parts, which may worry their wives to worry about these problems.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, we must understand cleaning and maintenance methods, and pay attention to problems such as hygiene and safety.

3. Inappropriate size and style

If the sexy underwear you buy does not meet his wife’s figure and style preference, it may make his wife angry.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, we must understand the size and preferences of my wife, choose the right style and size, and avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear.

4. Excessive safety concerns

Some wives are afraid of being seen by others about the safety of buying sex underwear and the excessive privacy of personal privacy.This worry cannot be completely eliminated. The best way is to confirm the packaging and delivery method after purchasing to protect personal privacy and safety.

5. No consent of his wife

Before buying a sexy underwear, it is best to obtain the consent of her wife to ensure that she has no disgusting matter.If you buy for mandatory purchase, it is likely to cause his wife’s dissatisfaction and disgusting, and even destroy the husband and wife relationship.

6. Choose the right occasion

Don’t buy sexy underwear on inappropriate occasions, such as in front of the masses, in front of his wife’s friends.This will cause unnecessary guessing and embarrassment. It is best to buy sexy underwear on private occasions, such as applying orders on Taobao.At the same time, do not focus on sexy underwear too much in the mall, which will make people feel uncomfortable and oppressed.

7. Communication and establishment trust

Before buying sexy underwear, communicate with his wife, build trust, and understand her attitude and ideas for this matter.If your wife is open to sexy underwear, then buying sexy underwear will become simple and comfortable.

8. Trends with courtesy

When buying sexy underwear, treat them with courtesy, choose good merchants, and buy guaranteed products.Don’t be cheap, choose low -quality sexy underwear.To associate with others, we must also respect their labor and rights.

in conclusion

Buying a sexy underwear may make his wife angry, mainly because prejudice, safe Hygiene, inappropriate size and style, excessive concerns, no consent of his wife, choosing inappropriate occasions, lack of communication and establishment trust, not politeness, not courteous courtesyWait for the reason.To avoid this situation, it is best to communicate with her wife, understand her attitude and ideas, choose the right occasion and merchants, treat them with courtesy, buy high -quality products, and pay attention to health and safety issues.

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