Why is there a suspender in sexy underwear

Why is there a suspender in sexy underwear


For sexy underwear, suspenders are a common design. Wearing suspended underwear looks very sexy, and it is also suitable for summer wear.So why do you add suspenders to sexy underwear?The following will be answered in detail for you.


The basic function of underwear is to provide support for breasts, but if there is no suitable structure, wearing underwear will be very uncomfortable.The camisole design can avoid breast drooping, liberate the pressure of the shoulders, make the underwear more fit the body, making it feel comfortable to wear.


The camisole design makes the wearer look more charming and sexy, and at the same time, it also exposes the sexy neckline of the wearer. This is the sexy characteristics of other underwear design.

Better fit

Due to the positioning of the suspender, it can make underwear more fit.Most sling underwear is tight and close -fitting. It does not restrain the chest, but it can close the chest and play a role in positioning, showing the best shape and lines.Even if there is no strap style, its special structure can make the breast and back the best fit, which can be described as the best choice.

Enhance beauty

The suspender underwear can be said to be a beautiful enjoyment. The material and color of the sling can better enhance the beauty of the underwear.The wearer can choose different styles and colors according to their preferences, so as to add their own beauty and make themselves more confident and bold.


The matching of underwear cannot be ignored. Good underwear can make you wear beautiful clothes style, and the matching of suspenders underwear is unparalleled.In the case of leisure, wearing suspended underwear, denim shorts and red high -heeled shoes are definitely a moving scene.

Material selection

The design of the suspender underwear can use a variety of fabrics, such as silk, lace, embroidery, etc.These fabrics are almost soft and smooth, making the underwear more comfortable and sexy, and it can also increase the material of the material and drove the bad odor.


The suspender underwear is generally equipped with a detachable suspender design. You can choose whether to use the suspender according to the needs of the wearer.Some wearers may not like suspenders or match underwear in other ways, and the plasticity of the suspender underwear can make the wearer choose more freely.

Applicable scene

The design of the suspender underwear emphasizes comfort, sexy, and matching, and the style is very diverse. It can be suitable for many special scenes, such as marriage, honeymoon, family life, dinner, and so on.

in conclusion

After the above introduction, the importance of the design of the sling underwear should be fully proven.The advantages of suspenders are mainly reflected in comfort, sexy, better fit, enhanced beauty, matching, material selection, plasticity, and applicable scenarios.Body curve and sexy charm.

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