Wife in sexy underwear

Wife in sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a strong design and unique -looking female underwear. Its function is not only designed to meet the daily basic needs of women, but also designed to flirtate, irritate, enhance sexuality and improve fun.In order to get more beautiful, fulfilling and passionate experiences in sex, you need to pay attention to the skills and precautions of wearing sexy underwear.Next, we will explore the mystery of wives wearing sexy underwear from several aspects.

Style and size

The first point of choosing sexy underwear is to choose styles and sizes according to personal figures and preferences.There are many types of sexy underwear, such as three -point, open, hollow, lace, etc., each with their own characteristics and applicable objects.When choosing a style, you must decide according to your body characteristics and style preferences. For example, if a woman with larger chests, you can choose a supportive sexy underwear to better show the beauty of the chest and curve.When selecting the size, make sure that the size is correct. Do not choose a small or too large sexy underwear to avoid affecting comfort and wear effect.

Color and material

The color and material of erotic underwear are also very critical, and they directly affect the enhanced effect of sexy and gender.In terms of color, you can choose according to your skin tone and temperament. If you are fair and delicate skin, you can try red, black, purple and other colors, which will be more dazzling and attractive.When choosing the material, it is generally based on lace, silk, and light to ensure the sexy and charming and charming of lace or silk or silk fabrics.

Accessories and shoes

Wearing sexy underwear should not only consider the sexy and aesthetics of the underwear itself, but also match the accessories and shoes as a whole to achieve a better sexy effect.You can choose to wear some accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., as well as a pair of high -heeled shoes, so as to achieve a strong body and more feminine effect.

Appropriate occasion

Interest underwear is not available in any occasion, you must choose according to the specific situation.In daily life, you can choose some simple sexy underwear for wear. In special occasions such as dating and sex, you can choose a more gorgeous, rich, and exciting sexy underwear to meet the needs of different occasions.

Take care and clean

Interesting underwear, as a close -fitting clothing, needs to be taken care of and cleaning specially, careful, and patiently.Do not pull and tear it at will to avoid damaging fabrics and shapes.You can use a washing solution or a professional cleaning agent to clean it. At the same time, keep the collar, cup and other parts clean and tidy to maintain the sexy and hygiene of the underwear.

Pay attention to physical conditions

While wearing sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to your physical condition.If you have problems such as sensitive skin and allergies, do the corresponding maintenance and health inspections before you wear, and do not stimulate your body too much.At the same time, wearing tight and impermeable sexy underwear for a long time can also easily cause breast problems such as breast hyperplasia. Pay attention to replacement and rest in time.

Different gender choice preferences

The matching of sexy underwear is not only for your own enjoyment, but also the issue of sexual partners’ preferences.Some men prefer sexy and charming women, so wearing sexy underwear can better meet the needs and desires of the other party, and increase their confidence and charm.


There are many things to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear. You can constantly explore and practice according to your needs and preferences.But pay attention, do not ignore your feelings and comfort in order to satisfy others. Only with your comfort can you better enjoy the happiness and stimulus brought by sex.Remember: Wearing a sexy underwear and grasping the appropriate degree, you can make love and sex better.

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