Why is sexy underwear strong fragrance

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern sex life, and choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only enhance the interest, but also add the emotions of husband and wife.However, many people will find that the fragrance of erotic underwear seems to be stronger than ordinary underwear. Why?

2. Different raw materials

The material of sexy underwear is usually not much different from ordinary underwear, but it adds a certain amount of other substances.For example, many sexy underwear will add aromatherapy, so it will definitely have fragrance than ordinary underwear, which is one of the reasons why many people who buy sexy underwear will choose.

3. Choose the right fragrance

The fragrance of erotic underwear is not liked by everyone, and choosing a fragrance that is consistent with its own temperament can better enhance self -confidence and sexy.For example, enthusiastic sexy women can choose rich floral fragrance, and mature sexy women can choose elegant aroma.

4. The length of the wear time

The fragrance of sexy underwear will also be related to wearing time. The longer wearing, the stronger the fragrance will be, but it will also lose the original taste.Therefore, it is recommended not to wear too long, and it is best to keep it properly after use to keep the flavor of the underwear.

5. Different time periods

Different periods of underwear will be different.For example, the aroma of the day can choose a lighter aroma, and the aroma can choose a stronger fragrance at night, thereby increasing the taste of husband and wife.

6. Factors for physical condition

The human condition also affects the fragrance of sexy underwear.For example, people who do not have a good taste can choose too fragrant sexy underwear may have a strong contrast, but have the opposite effect.Therefore, you need to consider your physical condition when choosing underwear.

7. The smell of the environment

The smell of the environment also affects the aroma of sexy underwear.If there is a strong smell in the environment, then the fragrant sexy underwear may increase this taste, so the choice of sexy underwear should be adjusted according to the environmental odor.

8. Differences of brands and materials

The brand and materials of sexy underwear on the market are also different. The sexy underwear of some brands and materials may use more expensive raw materials to fundamentally improve the quality of the underwear, increase the life life of the flavor, and make the user experience of consumers better get betterImprovement.

9. Conclusion

In short, the reason for the fragrance of sexy underwear is because they add aromatherapy and other substances.To choose the aroma suitable for you, you need to judge according to factors such as personal temperament, physical condition, wearing period, environmental smell.In the end, the appropriate brand and material underwear can also provide more lasting fragrance.Of course, no matter what kind of fragrance should not be the only factor in your choice of sexy underwear.

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