Women wearing fun underwear by C

Women wearing fun underwear by C

Women put on sexy underwear, which will undoubtedly add self -confidence and make themselves have different charm.However, whether the classification and choice of solving the love underwear is also a question that female friends need to study.This article will share some tips for the classification, selection and matching of sexy underwear for women, hoping to help you better enjoy the fun of wearing erotic underwear.

1. Sexual underwear classification

The types of sexy underwear are also very rich. They can usually be divided into sexy models, lace models, incense models, daily models and role -playing models.Sexy models are suitable for women who want to show a charming figure to hold sexy atmosphere; lace models are biased towards elegant and sweet wearing; incense models are designed to achieve the refreshing temperament of lady;Wearing it; role -playing models can allow women to play different roles and experience different happiness.

2. Choose the sexy underwear that is suitable for your own

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first determine your own type of dressing according to your body and temperament, and then choose your own style.If you belong to a short woman, you can choose a smaller sexy underwear to avoid appear bloated.And women who are tall, you can choose a more sexy underwear with a cup, showing a beautiful curve.

Third, sexy series of sexy underwear selection

Sexy underwear is the most popular one. They are designed to fit the figure and often use silk materials and matte fabrics.In order to make yourself more comfortable to wear, you can choose light and light fabrics.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, remember not to squeeze the breast too much, which will cause damage.

Fourth, the selection of sexy underwear of the lace series

Lace underwear is an elegant sexy underwear. Most of these underwear uses satin and lace materials.Choose silver, white or black as the first choice to set off a beautiful and gentle feeling.

5. Selection of sexy underwear for cute series

The robes and denims with long thighs always make you feel fresh and cute.Choose a cute pattern or design such as a bow and a small flower, so that you can feel free and comfortable.

6. Selection of sexy underwear selected by the occasion

If you need to wear sexy underwear to attend some formal occasions, then you need to choose a good sexy underwear with good quality and materials.Try to choose a more formal merchant to buy synchronous sexy underwear to make themselves strong and peace of mind.

Seven, suitable for matching lingerie clothing

The matching of sexy underwear is very particular. You must choose the style closest to your own temperament. The color of the clothes is best to be deeper or lighter than sex underwear.For example, black erotic underwear can be equipped with a gray jacket.

8. Maintenance of sexy underwear skills

If you want to maintain fun underwear, you can choose to soak in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes. It can eliminate sterilization and help, and then rinse with warm water.When you encounter stains, you can wipe it softly with milk.Do not use any washing agent containing acidic and alkaline substances.

Nine, the precautions wearing sexy underwear

In the process of daily wear, pay attention to the combination of sexy underwear and clothing, while avoiding excessive tightness. Remember not to bring too much weight to prevent affecting your breathing.

10. Conclusion

Interest underwear plays an increasingly important role in women’s lives.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and pay attention to maintenance. You must also pay attention to details, which can create a better self.

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