Women’s sex lingerie large code


Women’s sexy underwear is a must -have for modern women.However, for some large -size women, choosing a suitable sexy underwear has become a difficult thing.Today, let’s take a look at how to choose a large -size lady’s sexy underwear.


First, the correct size is the key to large size women.Choosing a suitable size of sexy underwear can not only make you feel more comfortable, but also very important for shaping.It is recommended that you measure your bust, waist and hips before buying, and choose according to the size table of the underwear brand.


With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, large -size women can have more choices.Comfortable, sexy, and stylish styles can meet the needs of large size women.Don’t be shy, choose a style that suits you.


When choosing a large -size lady’s sexy underwear, fabrics are also factor that need to be considered.Comfortable and breathable fabrics are necessary, especially in summer.In addition, for women with sensitive skin, it is necessary to choose fabrics that will not cause skin redness and allergies.

Two -door style

In the style of large -size ladies’ sexy lingerie, the various styles are the most impressive, such as: sexy pajamas suits, lace sexy underwear, perspective bra and T -shaped pants.These styles can be more confident for large -size women.


For the choice of color matching, large -size women can choose bright colors, such as red, pink, etc., and can also select sexy black to make themselves more charming.Want to be more gorgeous and sexy?Gold and silver are also good choices.

Shaping effect

In addition to making large size women more sexy, sexy underwear also has an important role: shaping effect.Choosing the right sexy underwear can not only improve the figure, but also help large -size women to choose more suitable tops, pants and skirts.

Brand selection

There are many large -size ladies in the market.It is very important to choose a high -quality brand. These brands usually use comfortable and breathable fabrics, which can provide the best quality from texture to shaping effects.


The price is also a question that needs to be considered when choosing a large -size lady in sex.You should choose underwear that suits your budget.It is recommended not to pursue too cheap underwear because quality will be affected.


Once you choose a large -size lady’s sexy underwear, correct maintenance is necessary for maintaining the quality of underwear.It is recommended that you use professional underwear cleaning agents and clean it by hand. Be careful not to scrub.

in conclusion

Choosing a large -size lady who is suitable for you can increase self -confidence and image to women.The correct size, style, fabric, shaping effect, brand selection, price and maintenance are necessary for choosing a perfect sexy underwear.I hope the above suggestions can help you choose a large -size lady’s sexy underwear that suits you.

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