Women’s sexy underwear small chest showing big pictures

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Female friends are often troubled by small breasts.On this issue, choosing the right sexy underwear is the primary task.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can add a few "CUP" in an instant.This article will introduce how to buy a small chest that can significantly improve the chest arc.

1. Choose sexy underwear with sponge or filling

Selecting sexy underwear with sponge or filling is one of the most effective ways of small breast MM.This sexy underwear is usually thicker than ordinary sexy underwear, which can fill the gap and strengthen the chest shape.If you want to increase your chest, you must choose the appropriate filling, too much or too little will make the chest unnatural.

2. Failure -type sexy underwear

The front buckle sexy underwear is usually closer than the back button -type sexy underwear, fits the chest more, and can better show the chest lines.This sexy underwear is especially suitable for women with relatively small chests, which can enhance the chest visually.

3. Triangle Cup Sex Underwear

Triangular Cup sexy underwear is very suitable for women with smaller chests.They usually do not have the blessing of fancy sponges or fillers, but the cup is small and can just wrap the arc lines after the chest.Their colors are usually brighter, allowing you to wear more sexy and bright in summer.

4. Half cup of sexies

Half cup of sexy underwear is often called "two -thirds" sexy underwear.Obviously, it wraps the range of widths wider than the underwear of the Triangle Cup and has more coverage area.This sexy underwear often has a very good support effect, and at the same time allows your chest to have a more perfect arc.


Tibetan sexy underwear can be matched with some low -neck shirts or backless clothes.Their design is very complicated, which can make your chest shape more perfect.The design concept of a suspender sex underwear is to wrap the chest in a very close mesh structure around it to create a plump visual effect.

6. S three -dimensional feelings fun underwear

A three -dimensional emotional interesting underwear is usually made of some special fabrics, such as the material of the honeycomb pattern or the fillers in the form of magic wings.These fabrics can create a more curved feeling in the entire chest area, achieving the effect of significantly enhance the chest arc lines.


Light sexy underwear is usually made of some materials similar to silk, satin or luster fabric.These materials are delicate and smooth, which can create a gentle texture in the chest area, and it is especially suitable for those women who want to make their chests more sexy.

8. Vertical striped sexy underwear

Vertical stripes are usually specially designed.When they are put on, vertical stripes can extend the length of the chest and create a more natural visual effect.If you want to create a more natural chest effect, then this sexy underwear is also very suitable.

In short, choosing a sexy underwear that suits us is an important guarantee for us to better show the beautiful curve of the body.Every woman should buy sexy underwear that suits them and show their beauty.

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