World Big Brave Lingerie

World Big Brave Lingerie

As people’s attention to sexual health is getting higher and higher, sexy underwear has gradually become a major popularity in the market.Not only the flirting tools between couples, it has also become an essential part of sexual supplies.In the global market, there are many well -known sexy underwear brands. In this article, we will introduce you to the world’s big -name sexy underwear.

Victoria’s Secret

Among the global brands, Victoria’s Secret is a very well -known and very high sexy underwear brand.Its brand method has always followed the road of sexy underwear and fashion, providing a new angel series of sexy lingerie, entry -level, advanced, customized and other market -levels, and attracts sexy big -name angel shooting endorsements.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand that is known for its beautiful, unique and seductive sexy underwear.The brand focuses on creating a delicate and eye -catching sexy image for women, and combines a variety of style design elements, such as lace, leather, lazy silk, etc., which well interpret the concept of "sexy".

La Perla

La Perla was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1954, and became the master of Italian erotic charm, and was also rated as one of the "most eye -catching" brands by the fashion industry.La Perla’s sexy underwear is very popular with female groups. Its brand integrates European and American style and Japanese pop style, which not only shows a shocking temperament, but also shows quality guarantee.This is a brand that pursues the extreme for sexy beauty.


Wonderbra was originally a brand of Canada.Wonderbra’s sexy underwear design is in -depth research and experiments in technology and technology, which is enough to provide women with a real "magic". Its excellent design and rich color choices provide women with diverse choice space.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American brand and is also very influential in the sexy underwear market.In addition to matching a variety of fashion underwear, absolute material sense and taste of life have moved people’s hearts with unique styles. This is also one of the reasons for the brand’s loved by consumers.

Agent spicy

Agent Spicy is a French brand and is very popular with global women.Its most unique feature is that all products are designed and produced by top designers, including different series such as sexy underwear, football series, magic house leisure series, evening clothing and high -end dressing.

Pleasure State

Pleasure State from Australia, the sexy underwear brand, is famous for its high -quality production and noble beauty.The brand not only received the favor of most women, but also quickly became one of the first choice for men to buy gifts.


Wolford is a brand of Austria, focusing on the production of high -end sexy underwear.The design of its products is unique and can meet the needs and aesthetic standards of different people.There are many women and men see Wolford as one of the love underwear brands that are definitely worth collecting.


Chantelle is the French sex lingerie brand and has been committed to providing consumers with high -quality products and services.Its product line is rich and has become one of the most popular brands in many consumer groups in the world.Not only can fully meet consumers’ needs for underwear details, but also meet their pursuit of quality and comfort.


The above is our introduction to the world’s big -name sexy underwear. Each brand has its own unique style and quality, which can meet the different needs of consumers.Of course, when choosing a brand, we must not only consider styles and aesthetics, but also quality and applicability.In the end, which brand chooses depends on personal needs and taste.

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