You have to put on makeup in sexy underwear

Why does sex underwear need makeup

Wearing erotic underwear is a way for many women to choose to increase self -confidence and sexy. However, the makeup with sexy underwear can increase the charm of women.Why do sex lingerie need makeup?

Create sexy visual effects

Makeup can enhance women’s face contour, make the facial features more three -dimensional, and also make up for the lack of color brought by sexy lingerie.Women can match different makeup based on the color and style of wearing sexy underwear to create a more sexy effect visually.

Adjust the skin color of the facial

Some erotic underwear are special in color, such as red, black, etc. These colors are likely to make women’s faces a bit dull.However, after adding makeup with color, the skin tone can be changed brighter and natural.

Adjust the face details

Women can adjust their facial details by makeup, such as using lipstick to make the color of the lips more sexy, use eyeliner to make the eyes brighter and eye -catching, etc., thereby enhancing the charm and confidence of female individuals.

Prevent our makeup from not matching sexy underwear

While wearing sexy underwear, women also need to ensure the style of makeup and avoid unnecessary conflicts and discording sense of makeup.Correct makeup and erotic underwear can make women’s overall shapes more coordinated.

Increase self -confidence

Wearing erotic underwear may be challenged and uncomfortable for some women, but after makeup, not only can it offset such a sense of discomfort, but also gives women more self -confidence and courage, making women dare to release themselves moreSexy and charm.

Personal makeup that is different from person to person

Each woman has her own unique personality and temperament. In the process of makeup, they can adjust the makeup style according to their own characteristics, so as to create personalized makeup and enhance their individual charm.

Interests and makeup are from the attitude of love for yourself

Wearing sexy underwear and makeup is a kind of attitude to express love. This attitude is displayed from the inside out, which will not only make us more confident and beautiful, but also make people around us feel our confidence and charm.

Makeup is for a better display of sexy underwear

While wearing sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to the color and style of makeup, because this will affect our overall styling effect and enhance the charm and sensuality of women.

Makeup can add charm to sexy underwear

In the case of similar sexuality, plus makeup sexy underwear can better strengthen the charm and sexy degree of women, and better express the charm characteristics and sexy of women.

It is a manifestation of a spiritual and attitude to wear makeup in sexual underwear

Wearing sexy underwear needs to be matched with makeup to better create sexy charm effects. This needs to be reflected in spiritual and attitude, which is a manifestation of feminine charm and confidence.


The limit of sexy underwear and makeup is not obvious. They can promote, cooperate with each other, or exist independently.However, wearing erotic underwear must be matched with makeup. Even simple makeup can also add more confidence and charm to women’s image.

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