YUMI Youmei latest sexy underwear

YUMI Youmei latest sexy underwear

Yumi Youmei is a brand that specializes in making sexy underwear. Its design styles are derived from the European and American trends. It has a variety of qualities such as noble, sexy, and tempting.Let’s take a look at the latest sexy lingerie styles launched by Yumi Youmei.

1. Irregular triangle underwear

Irregular triangle underwear is one of the most popular sexy underwear in Yumi Youmei.The overall design of this underwear shows a sense of casual and non -mainstream. The fabric used is very comfortable and the breathability is very good.

2. Velvet metal light -sensitive T -pants

This piece of fluffy metal light -sensitive T -shaped pants use high -quality fabrics and metal materials. The overall design sense is very strong and conspicuous. The color is mainly gold and silver, which is very suitable for women with obvious personality.

3. Lace transparent meat hollow armor beam

The lace -out -of -meat cutout jacket is a very sexy sexy underwear. Its design originated from European and American metal sensitivity armor. After the designer’s clever combination, it shows a very natural and smooth effect.In the process of enjoying sex, this sexy underwear will make you feel tempting.

4. Short super thin exposed hip five -point socks

This short ultra -thin -hip five -point socks are a sexy underwear suitable for couples. A high -quality sexy underwear can make your sex life better.This sexy underwear is bright in color, and the design is tightly modified, showing the classic female beauty.


Small suspender -transparent meat hollowed out -of -the -way short dress is one of the very popular sexy lingerie styles.It is characterized by a special design and material that can bring you a series of feelings such as sexy, sexual interest, and pleasure.This sexy underwear is excellent, so that you can maintain a comfortable feeling in the process of high -intensity sex.

6. Heart -type conjoined sexy underwear clothing

Heart -type sexy underwear is one of the latest styles of Yumi Youmei. Its design is inspired by heart -shaped elements, showing the elegant and sexy characteristics of women.This sexy underwear material is special, and visually can mobilize the lust of men.


Warutless low -neck -collar breast -breast -laster vest is a sexy underwear designed and realized for women’s bust.This underwear is quite special. Its material is soft and skin -friendly, and the vest adopts a alien design, which can make women more natural and comfortable when wearing, showing beautiful chest lines.

8. College style temptation underwear suit

College style temptation underwear suit is a very special sexy lingerie style. It is designed to combine the trendy elements of Europe and the United States with the style of college style.This erotic underwear is suitable for women of various body shapes, and it is very comfortable and natural, and has a sexy and tempting charm.


The surface of this bottoming mesh lace jacket uses mesh design. The inner layer is soft lace fabric. The material is not only very beautiful, but also very sexy.This sexy underwear can be said to be a kind of equipment that gives full play to the charm of women.

10. Metal texture without shoulder smooth T type pants

Metal texture without shoulder smooth T -shaped pants is a very novel sexy lingerie style, which uses metal texture materials.This sexy underwear has a strong visual impact, excellent breathability and comfort, and can transform a variety of different sexy charm for women.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear produced by Yumi Youmei is loved and sought after by women.While pursuing sexy, comfortable, and healthy, choosing a sexy underwear with grade quality is a symbol of independence, self -confidence, and freedom of a new era of women in the new era.