Zhuzhu Kaidong Performing Underwear

What is Zhuzhu Kaidong Welling underwear?

Beads open a cave and sexy underwear, which is a sexy underwear inlaid beads in the ice silk or lace part of the panties.There are some small beads in this underwear, which increase the stimulus of the wearer, and some people like to use them to reach a climax.In some sex venues, Zhuzhu’s opening and sexy underwear is also a popular clothing.

Category of Zhuzhu Kaidong Wet Underwear

Zhuzhu open -cave sex underwear can be divided into two categories: wearing and inside.

The beads of Zhuzhu opened the cave and the sexy underwear is usually the style of the top or wrapped the chest, such as the vest and Bralette.This type of underwear is usually placed on the outside, adding a visual sexy feeling.

The beads in the inside of the beads open the sexy underwear in the private parts, which can be panties, G strings, and even beard.This kind of underwear is more effort to work in the sensory experience.

Zhuzhu Kaidong’s Material

The materials used in Zhuzhu Kaidong’s sexy underwear mainly include iced, lace, latex and PU leather.

The texture of ice silk and lace is soft and comfortable, and the texture of beads is more similar.

The texture of latex and PU Leather’s beads is relatively hard, with high requirements for skin touch and sensitivity, and is suitable for customers with special hobbies.

Demon -open -hole sex underwear size

The size of Zhuzhu’s opening of sexy underwear generally has three grades of S, M, and L. Different brands may be slightly different.When buying, please refer to the brand’s size table or ask in the group.

Precautions for Zhuzhu Kaidong Welling Underwear

1. Please wash carefully before use. It is recommended to wash or use a soft mode washing machine to avoid damaging the beads.

2. Please pay attention to the position of the beads when wearing to avoid irritation or affect the body.

3. Since Zhuzhu brings friction to the skin, please pay attention to personal hygiene habits and pay attention to regular cleaning.

Zhuzhu Kaidong’s brand of sexy underwear

At present, many brands on the market include Zhuzhu’s cave -opening sexy underwear, including Victoria’s secrets, La Senza, admiration, and some domestic sex brands.

The matching of Zhuzhu Kaidong Intellectual underwear

In addition to being worn alone, Zhuzhu opened a cave and can be worn with other sexy underwear, such as high -waist stockings, conjoined net socks.

At the same time, Zhuzhu Kaidong underwear can also be paired with various similar clothing, such as Zhuzhu Kaidong panties, Zhuzhu Kaidong pajamas, etc., to create exotic style and add fun atmosphere.

The price of Zhuozhu opened a cave sex underwear

The price of Zhuzhu Kaidong’s sexy underwear varies from factors for brands, materials, packaging and other factors.On the market, ordinary Zhuzhu open -hole sex underwear is between dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, while the price of high -level custom Zhuzhu Kaidong -opening sexy underwear ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.

How to buy Zhuzhu Kaidong Intellectual Underwear?

When you are selected to buy Zhuzhu Kaidong’s sexy underwear, choose a size suitable for you, and choose the material and color that is suitable for your own.In addition, you can choose external or inside style according to your needs and occasions.

How to use Zhuzhu Kaidong’s Interest Underwear

1. Select your appropriate underwear size and material.

2. Hang the underwear from the lower part of the lower body to adjust the orientation of the beads.

3. If you need to go out, you need to match the appropriate outer clothing, such as windbreakers and T -shirts.

Whether you want to add fun in a romantic night or show your charm in some interesting places, Zhuzhu opened a cave and sexy underwear is a good choice. I wish you can choose the bead -opened cave underwear that is suitable for you.Enjoy a fun life.

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