Buy sexy underwear wife wear

Buy sexy underwear wife wear

Buy sexy underwear wife wear

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern people to focus on quality and life taste.Whether it is for women or men, they can play a certain role in intimate relationships.However, buying sexy underwear is not a simple matter.Because there are many types of sexy underwear on the market, and each sexy underwear has different characteristics.So, what do you need to pay attention to when you buy a sexy underwear?The following will be explained from several aspects.

A comfortable choice

Falling underwear must be comfortable to play a better sexy role.Before buying sexy underwear, you must consider comfort.Especially for those who do not know much about fabrics and weaving, they need to pay more attention to the comfort of buying sexy underwear.You can choose fabrics with good comfort such as cotton and silk, especially those who are purchased for the first time. You need to pay more attention to choice.

Color choice

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Choosing color is also very important.If your wife’s skin is fair, the light color is more suitable.If the skin is slightly darker, the purple, dark red, dark green, etc. are a good choice.If it is a nightclub activity, you can choose a colorful stitching sexy underwear.

Style choice

The choice of style is also important.Some women like sexy feelings, and some like a charming feeling.In addition, there are different styles such as charming, sweet, and pure.When choosing, consider your personality and temperament, and choose a style that suits you best.

Selection of size

The size is also important and must be accurate.When buying sexy underwear, you need to be based on the actual figure, and you cannot choose a size or too small.If the size is too large, the sexy underwear will become loose and lose the sexy effect.If the size is too small, it will also cause discomfort and discomfort.

Style choice

Style choice is also very important.There are different styles such as bras, bottom pants, wedding dresses.The bras can choose a more sexy triangular cup, gathering type, short type, etc., and the bottom pants style can choose thongs, T -shaped pants and other styles.When choosing a style, consider matching with your figure.

Brand choice

The choice of brand is also very important.There are many types of erotic underwear brands, and many brands have the main goal.Therefore, it is important to choose a brand of sexy underwear with brand word -of -mouth guarantee. You can understand the brand of love underwear through online mouth query and seller.

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Price choice

For many people, prices are also important.The expensive sexy underwear usually uses a relatively high -end fabric and processing technology, which is more sophisticated, while the relatively cheap sexy underwear may have lack of fabrics and manufacturing processes.Therefore, when purchasing, you can start from your own price range, select brand and products with higher cost performance.

Choice of matching

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the choice.For example, you can match high heels or lace socks, and add some jewelry decorations to make your wife more beautiful.With full considering your marriage, occasions, personal temperament, etc., you can create a good atmosphere of sex.


In general, when you buy a sexy underwear, you need to consider it from multiple aspects.Compassion, color, style, size, style, brand, price, matching, etc. need to pay attention.Only by choosing and properly can you create a good atmosphere of sex and make your sex life better!