Sex underwear Weibo Video Web link

Sex underwear Weibo Video Web link


With the development of society and the opening of concepts, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention and love.Whether men and women, whether they are couples or single dogs, they may buy and wear sexy underwear.Today we will talk about the types of sex underwear and purchase precautions.

Frequent sexy underwear types

1. Beauty erotic underwear: This kind of sexy underwear is mainly sexy and eye -catching, including various styles. From the lace three -point style to the seductive temptation.

2. Sexuality Fun underwear: This kind of erotic underwear focuses on highlighting the figure, such as tight vests, stockings, underwear, etc.

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3. Adult erotic underwear: In addition to ordinary erotic lingerie styles, it also includes some adult products such as handcuffs, candles, simulation penis, etc., and you need to choose carefully.

4. European and American sexy underwear: This kind of sexy underwear is a high -end brand introduced from Europe and the United States. It is very exquisitely used in materials and workmanship. The price is relatively high.


1. Size is very important: Choosing the right size is very important. Different brands and different styles of sexy underwear may be different in size. It is best to buy detailed size tables and then buy.

2. Brand and quality are worthy of attention: Poor quality sexy underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also may have adverse effects on health, so choosing brand and considering quality is very important.

3. Materials need to be considered: The comfort and safety of sexy underwear are largely affected by the material, so pay special attention to choose natural and comfortable materials.

4. The purchase channel needs to be clear: the purchase of sexy underwear includes two types: online and offline. You can choose the official website, e -commerce platform, and sex products specialty store to buy.

Choose the principle of sexy underwear

1. Choose the right size and appropriate material.


2. Consider the brand and quality, do not choose inferior products.

3. Sexy and comfortable, don’t just pursue sexy and ignore comfort.

4. According to your own needs and brand characteristics, don’t follow the trend blindly.

How to wear sexy underwear more confident

1. Choose a suitable style to avoid making yourself uncomfortable.

2. Adjust your mentality, don’t be too nervous and restrained.

3. Correctly wear and match, don’t be too exposed and fancy.

4. Pay attention to your overall image and temperament, and give yourself more confidence and charm.


As a close -related concern, more and more consumers have begun to accept and try to wear more and more consumers.How to choose sexy underwear and how to wear is worth noting.Selecting according to our own needs and actual conditions, more attention to physical health and the improvement of personal image is the principle that we should pay attention to when buying and wearing sexy underwear.