Crossing me to make sexy underwear for the queen

Enter the Gongyu

I am a sexy underwear designer. I have been fascinated by this field since I was a child.Until one day, I was selected by the palace as a courtie underwear designer.


This is the first time I have entered the palace. I saw a beautiful and moving woman. She was my customer -queen.Her requirements are very high, and sexy underwear must be able to grasp the size and innovative design. At the same time, she also shows women’s softness and sexy.

Design inspiration

At the request of the queen, I started to develop design and design that is different from conventional sexy underwear. Pay attention to more details. It adopts unique materials and takes into account beauty and comfort.While trying the samples, I kept trying the source of inspiration to design a beautiful, sexy, elegant, and classic, and at the same time, it also reflects the sweet, playful, innocent and mature sexy underwear.

pursuing perfection

I have a lot of experience, making the underwear more perfect in detail, using more comfortable lining and better materials to ensure that each underwear can have an unspeakable beauty.

Challenge and reward

As a courtie underwear designer, I face challenges every day, because I must continue to make a new design and create a better design.This process also brought unexpected surprises and brought me a great sense of pride.

Create a sense of beauty

I deeply realized the joy and satisfaction of creating beauty.Add different elements to each sexy underwear and use a variety of different fabrics to make each lingerie attractive.I like to wake up every day, I can be happy and enriched for my own design.

Underwear change mentality

Sex underwear plays an important role in improving women’s confidence and changing appearance. For a woman, self -confidence can stimulate their sexy charm, and the appearance of sexy underwear makes up for this need.

Experience and harvest

By cooperating with the queen, my understanding of sexy underwear design has become more deeper.Every sexy underwear can show women’s elegance and beauty. I started to feel the meaning of underwear, especially women.

Love and passion

The style and aesthetics related to underwear design inspire my research on love and sex.When a person puts on sexy underwear, it may make love and sex more passionate and fresh.

in conclusion

I love my career and also love, which can make me create the beauty I want.So far, I am still making sexy underwear for love, and all the words I conveyed are to make women become more stunned, confident, and proud, and exciting, energetic, full of love, and lust.

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