Use a rope to make sexy underwear and pants women

Use a rope to make sexy underwear and pants women

Sexy underwear is a fashion of modern people, and has been widely welcomed because of its special design and creative colors.And using ropes to make sexy underwear and panties are even more interested and curious.Next, this article will introduce the methods and precautions of making sex underwear and panties with ropes, and necessary knowledge points.

Choose the right rope

When making sexy underwear, the first step is to choose the right rope.Rope texture, softness, width, length and other factors need to be considered.Generally speaking, choosing a soft, elastic, and not marking rope is more suitable for sexy underwear.Of course, you should also pay attention to the quality of the rope. Do not choose a rope that is too cheap or poorly quality to avoid skin wear.

Creative structural design

When making knot -style sexy underwear, creative structural design must be available.The structure of the rope can be simple or complicated.For example, you can pass the rope through your chest, adjust it into a type V, and then connect with other components.At the same time, you can cleverly design details, such as adding sequins, beads, small jewelry, etc. to increase the beauty of sexy underwear.


Kidding is a key step in the production of knot -type sexy underwear.How to ensure that the knot is firm and difficult to spread?First, keep the length of the two rope heads consistent and cross it to form a round heart, and then twist it to a certain angle with your hand to straighten it.Then put the rope head into the mouth, each time you go in from the bottom. When the head of the rope is worn, the other rope head is put in from the top, and then wears out of the circle.The rope on the opposite side is interchangeable, and the rope around the opposite side is circled again.Finally, the rope around the rope on the opposite side, and then the head of the rope penetrates the outer ring according to the previous method, and cross -woven it alternally, so that the rope is fixed in a certain position.


The tape -type sexy underwear and panties are very important.During the production process, you must consider individual differences and body curves.To this end, it is recommended to measure and try on before starting production to determine the length and width of the knot.In addition, the fixed position of the rope should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the body curve, thickness, distortion, and size.Only on the basis of considering individual differences can we make sexy underwear that is in line with.


To ensure the sanitation of sexy underwear, on the one hand, consider using recommended materials and cleaning methods to avoid stimulation and unnecessary damage to the skin.On the other hand, regular cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear are necessary. You can use professional mousse washing solution and disinfectant, or directly washed in the washing machine with a soft mode.

Innovation and diversity

Interesting underwear production is not stubbornly designed and produced. You can learn from innovation and diversified thinking in other fields to create more interesting and creative sexy lingerie.For example, you can add some new tricks and new elements that make people’s eyes, so that sexy underwear is a more sexual and attractive fashion design.

Never excessive

Sex underwear can add color to sex life, but pay attention to controlling lust and emotional greed and excessiveness.It should be different from person to person, coordinating the relationship on the basis of health, hygiene and safety in order to achieve the best results.

In short, using ropes to make sexy underwear require rational and creative thinking, as well as perfect knowledge and skills.Under the premise of maintaining hygiene and safety, appropriately put into action, abandon the interference of personal preferences and greed, and bring new inspiration and beauty to sex life.

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