I bought a sexy underwear, my husband said it is not good -looking

Why do I buy wrong sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a product that pursues beautiful and sexy. We bought it to bring more happiness and enjoyment to ourselves and partners.However, when buying sexy underwear, many women will encounter a lot of confusion, especially when the husband or partner is not good -looking after reading it. What should I do?

Don’t understand your body

Before buying sex underwear, many women do not know the specific size and shape of their bodies.This leads to the blindness when buying, and many times you choose the wrong size or not suitable for your own style.

Blindly follow -up style

When buying sexy underwear, many women often follow the trend and choose some styles that stars or celebrities wear, but they do not know whether their figure and dress style are consistent with it.The sexy underwear bought like this is often buckled in the wardrobe instead of wearing it.

Do not consider the taste of the partner when buying

When buying sexy underwear, some women often only pay attention to their preferences and ignore the taste of their partners.Happiness is both parties. We should notice our other half of the preferences, so that they can be more accurate and more appropriate when choosing a style.

Did not go to a regular store to buy

When buying sexy underwear, many women are accustomed to buying on small shops or on the Internet, which is easily attracted by cheaper and low -quality products.This is not only easy to buy inappropriate sexy underwear, but also affects the health of yourself and his partner.

I don’t know what color and style to choose

Choosing the color and style of sexy underwear is a very skillful task. Many women do not fully understand and choose before buying. This is easy to choose inappropriate styles or colors, which affects the effect when wearing.

No attention to styles and functions

Many women do not notice the difference between styles and functions when they buy sexy underwear.Some styles are only designed to increase sexy and aesthetics, while some sexy underwear is designed to better improve its physical shape and health.

I did not do enough homework before buying

It is necessary to do enough homework when buying sexy underwear.Understanding some common brands, styles and market prices can help us better understand our needs and budgets, so as to make more wise purchase decisions.

Lack of self -confidence and self -aesthetics

Sex underwear can bring unlimited confidence and aesthetics to women, but also requires women’s self -aesthetic ability.Some women are not suitable for themselves for sex underwear. They are not bad styles, but they lack their ability to self -confidence and self -aesthetics, which affects the effect of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to solving the problem

There are many problems in buying sexy underwear, and there are many ways to solve problems.We should know the preferences of our bodies and partners, and pay attention to the choice of quality, brand and style when buying.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, we must not only pay attention to choosing styles and sizes suitable for your body, but also pay attention to the impact of truly sexy, confident and aesthetics.


Sexy underwear is a good choice that can improve women’s confidence and sexy, but pay attention to your own body and partner’s preference when buying, so as to choose a style and color that is more suitable for you.Having truly confident and aesthetic underwear can not only allow us to better enjoy life, but also allow us to work together with our partners, so as to create a happier and beautiful emotional life together.

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