What to buy for your wife, what sexy lingerie is good


Interest underwear is a very important part of modern couple’s life.It can not only increase the taste of husband and wife, but also allow us to better enjoy the fun of sex.

Understand the curve of the body

Each woman’s body is different. When buying a sexy underwear, you must consider the curve of her body.For example, if your wife is a body with big buttocks, it is best to choose a low -opening sexy underwear to show her superior figure.

Choose the right size size

When choosing a sexy underwear, make sure to choose the correct size.Too small underwear will be uncomfortable, and too large underwear will lack targeted display effects.It is best to buy a few different designs, colors, sizes and styles for her in the budget.

Understand her preference

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider your wife’s preferences and aesthetics.Do she like sexy lace, sexy underwear or a small bra?You have to understand her favorite color and style and surprise her.

Material and comfort

It is necessary to choose comfortable performance and good quality underwear.Women wearing low -quality sexy underwear will feel uncomfortable and affect the sex experience of husband and wife.

Fashion trend trend

Buying sexy underwear according to the trend is a better appearance for your wife in her circle of friends.If you like the latest trend and fashion, buy a sexy sexy underwear for your wife will definitely get more likes.

Personalized customization

You can try to add some personalized factors to sexy underwear.Personalized and customized sexy underwear can better show your love between you and increase the taste of husband and wife.


Sex underwear can also be selected according to different occasions.For example, on a more romantic night, you can choose a darker sexy underwear, which will bring a deeper sexy feeling to your wife.

Brand and quality

Please do not choose low -quality sexy underwear.Brands and quality are important.When choosing sexy underwear, you must choose high -quality underwear brands. Not only are they quality guarantee, but they are also better comfort and durability.


Meaningless gifts need not cost too much money.When buying sexy underwear for your wife, make sure your budget scope.This can not only avoid waste, but also ensure that your choice is also practical.


Interest underwear is a very special gift that can increase the taste and interaction between husband and wife.When choosing a sexy underwear for his wife, remember to choose the style and size suitable for her.By spend some time and energy, you can add fun to your wife and you sex experience.

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