Sex underwear as a library chart

Sex underwear as a library chart

H2 I. What is Kai Dang Cabin?

Kai Dang Kuru, as the name implies, is the opening design in the private part of the underwear to facilitate sexual life.Some sexy underwear sellers like to call it "rotten".Although we do not choose such underwear in daily life, in a specific situation, it can play a special role.


There are usually two forms of Kaidang Kuotu: one is to adopt opening design only on the lower body. This design is mainly for convenient sex; the other is to use a full opening design, which is usually covered on both sides of the hips. This design is mainly designed.It is for sexy and attractive.No matter what form, Kai Dang Cupping must pay attention to design rationality and comfort.

H2 2. Why do anyone like to open up the dwelling map?

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Kaidang Kurtu is a special sexy underwear design because it has the dual characteristics of sexy and convenient.For some people who like to try freshness, Kaidang Kuotu can satisfy their curiosity and exploration desire.Moreover, Kaidang Cuolin can increase the fun and excitement of sexual life and improve the quality of sexual life.Therefore, some sexy underwear enthusiasts will be regarded as one of the most suitable sexual living auxiliary products.


Of course, this does not mean that Kaishu is suitable for everyone.Some people may feel that the stimulus of the opening part of the private parts is too strong, leading to discomfort or pain.In addition, some people may not be able to expose their privacy parts to the opening part because it will make them feel insecure.

H2 3. What occasion is suitable for the dibaba diagram?

Because Kaidang Kuotu has the dual characteristics of sexy and convenientness, it will be more appropriate to use in some specific occasions.Some people who should engage in sex, such as adult models, and legitimate marketing staff, usually use Kai Danglau to meet the needs of work.In addition, some special sexual living places (such as sex hotels, sex venues, adult toy shops, etc.) may require customers to wear a library chart to enter.In addition, some people who have a certain pursuit of enthusiasm and stimulus will also choose to use Kaishu in appropriate occasions and time to increase their interest and sexual quality of life.

H2 Four, Kai Dang Kuotu material

The material of Kaidang Kurtu is very important because it is directly related to the feel and comfort of the panties.Common materials on the market include polyester, silk, cotton, lace, etc.Among them, polyester and cotton are more commonly used materials, which can provide good breathability and comfort.The silk and lace are mainly to improve the beauty and sexuality of the underwear.


Of course, the material is not only related to the feel and comfort, but also the durability and hygiene of the opening part.Therefore, when choosing Kai Danglau, it is very important to pay attention to choosing good quality, high softness, and easy to clean.

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H2 5. What are the brands of Kaidang Kurtu?

With the continuous development of the sexy underwear industry and the adult products industry, more and more brands have begun to launch their own opening dibers, such as Leg Avenue, BACI LINNGERIE, Sensual Mystique, etc.These brands have different styles and characteristics to meet the needs of different people.

H2 6. How to wear the dwelling map

The way to wear Kuku Kurto is different from ordinary underwear.Due to the design of the opening, it requires some techniques and experience to wear Kaidang Kuku.Pay attention to the correct position of the opening when wearing to avoid discomfort or pain in improper wear.It should be noted that different brands and different styles of Kai Dang library maps may be slightly different. Before buying, you should read the instructions carefully.

H2 7. Cleaning method of Kai Dang Kuotu

Due to the special design of the opening part, the cleaning method of Kaidang Kurtu is also different.Generally speaking, it is best to wash hand and use neutral detergents to avoid using strong alkaline or strong acidic cleaning agents, otherwise it may damage the material and affect the comfort of the underwear.In addition, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the opening part and ensure the hygiene of the underwear.

H2 eight, the price of Kai Danglau

The price of Kaidang Kurtu is different due to the differences in brands, materials, and styles.Generally speaking, the price of some ordinary styles is relatively low, about tens of yuan.The prices of some high -end brands and special designs are relatively high, which may exceed hundreds or even thousand yuan.

H2 nine, what are the issues should be paid attention to?

Although Kaidang Kurt can improve the fun and excitement of sexual life to a certain extent, it is also necessary to pay attention to special problems.For example, due to open design, it may affect the temperature and humidity of the private parts, which leads to some diseases.In addition, due to improper wearing or unqualified opening parts, the human body may be harmed.Therefore, during the use process, we should pay attention to the problems of hygiene, cleaning, and wearing, and strictly follow the instructions.

H2 ten, conclusion

In short, although Kaidang Kuku can improve the quality and fun of sexual life to a certain extent, there are certain risks and restrictions.When choosing, weighing and selected according to factors such as your own needs, physical conditions, etc. to avoid adverse effects on yourself.