Sex underwear franchise store ranking

Sex underwear franchise store ranking

Introduction: The market prospects of sexy underwear are broad

Interesting underwear, as a special type of underwear, has a large demand in the market.With the gradual improvement of people’s attention to sexual relationships, the perfect fusion of sex underwear as the mood and sex is welcomed by more and more people.

First place: Sweetheart Baby

Sweetheart baby is a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand. Founded in 2005, after years of development, it has become the leader of the sex underwear industry.The brand provides women with diverse, sexy, and high -quality sexy underwear, and the price is relatively affordable.In 2019, Sweetheart Bao’s sexy underwear brand successfully shortlisted the top 10 of China’s sex lingerie franchise store sales list.

Second place: Guo Prince

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Founded in 2010, the Prince of Guo was a sexy underwear company that integrates sexy underwear design, production, sales, and service.The brand focuses on user experience and after -sales service, has strong design and production capacity, and successfully uses the brand to improve the market influence of the product.In 2019, the Prince of Fruit Lingerie won the "China’s Solid Underwear Most Market Value Brand".

Third place: Xiu Yanfang

Xiuyanfang was founded in 2003. It is a sexy underwear company with a long history. Adhering to the quality of business concepts, it focuses on the design, production and sales of sexy underwear.In addition, Xiuyanfang uses high value -added customized services to provide consumers with high -end sexy underwear products.In 2019, Xiuyanfang’s sexy underwear was successfully shortlisted for the top 10 of the sales list of Chinese sex lingerie franchise stores.

Fourth place: Red ink

Founded in 2006, Red Ink is a company that focuses on sexy underwear.Its product has been widely recognized in the market with its unique design style and quality, and the price is relatively close to the people.Consumers can get a satisfactory experience in terms of style, quality and price.In 2019, Hong Mo Shui won the "Best Word of China’s Instead of Lingerie Brands".

Fifth place: Meng Dieer

Founded in 2006, Meng Dieer is a sexy underwear company with a long history.The erotic underwear launched by the company has greatly attracted consumers with its unique creativity and design, and its sales have been steadily increasing.Meng Dieer has more distinctive features in after -sales service, which has also quickly expanded its market share.In 2019, Meng Dieer’s sexy underwear was rated as one of the "Chinese sexy underwear development potential brand TOP10".

Sixth place: Julu

Julu’s sexy underwear was established in 2010. It focuses on the design, production and sales of sexy underwear. The sexy lingerie has a variety of sexy lingerie and the price is relatively low.In addition, Julu also has certain features in the after -sales service, allowing consumers to have a better purchase experience for their products.In 2019, Julu’s sexy underwear was rated as one of the "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Spoof’s Underwear".

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Seventh place: Caihuafang

Founded in 2011, it is a newer sexy underwear company.The fun underwear style launched in the workshop has a variety of styles, and has won the trust and favor of consumers with unique design styles and quality.Caihuafang strives to innovate, and it is very good in the market.

Eighth place: Friendship Sunshine

Friendship Sunshine was established in 2009 and is a more mature sexy underwear company.Due to the test of its long -term market, friendship sunshine has created its own brand value.Regarding the design, production and sales of sexy underwear, consumers have a high degree of trust in their products.Friendship sunshine will develop better in future market competition.

Ninth place: female crazy

Founded in 2009, female crazy is a more new type of sexy underwear company.In the market, women crazy have been recognized by consumers with their unique design styles and diverse clothing styles in the market.The price is relatively low and is welcomed by consumers.

Tenth place: cool heart cool

Founded in 2008, it is a sexy underwear company with more than ten years of history. This company has always focused on the style, quality and services of sexy underwear. After years of development, it has become one of the well -known brands in the sex underwear industry.The relatively high price did not affect the sales and reputation of the coolness, and won the trust and favor of consumers.

Conclusion: Sweetheart baby is the top 10 brand of Chinese sex underwear franchise store sales list

In comprehensive ranking, Sweetheart Baby is the top ten brands in the sex underwear market.Brands such as the Prince of Fruit and Xiuyanfang have also been steadily fought in the market, and have gradually been recognized and favored by consumers.Driven by the growing market demand, the sexy underwear brand still has a broader market prospect.