The best Russian sexy underwear show

1. The concept of Russian erotic underwear

Russian sexy underwear is a sexy, special, bold and unusual underwear, known as the "King of Shark" in European underwear.Russian underwear is usually made of transparent material, made of lace, silk, gauze, knitwear and mesh, and decorated with lace, beads, grass, belts, or garbage details.Russian sexy underwear shows the beautiful parts of women, adding a sexy curve to it.Russian sexy underwear is usually considered a kind of underwear suitable for romantic nights, anniversary or special circumstances.

2. Classification of Russian erotic underwear

There are many styles, styles, and styles of Russian sexy underwear.The most common Russian sexy lingerie styles include peacock tails, lace trims, transparent mesh eyes, dot mesh eyes, lace bow, stitching transparent materials and pearl details. These styles have added sexy and charm to women.

3. Use of transparent materials

Transparent materials are widely used in Russian sexy underwear. It can visually enhance women’s figure curve and leg lines, which further increases the charm of women.The transparent material of Russian sexy underwear usually uses silk, knitted and net eyes, etc., which can show women’s skin and physical lines.

4. Selection of color

The color of Russian sexy underwear is generally darker color, such as black, dark red or dark purple, etc. These colors can effectively show women’s soft beauty.In some special cases, bright and bright colors, such as yellow, blue or pink, etc., make women more youthful and vibrant.

5. Suitable choice

Russian sexy underwear is easy to evoke the clothes that men think, but different figures and personalities need different styles.For women with long body and long legs, they can choose a transparent peacock tail or lace border style; for women with full waist and full chest, transparent mesh or dot -dot -eye styles, appropriately display the body curve and increase charm.

6. The difference between pajamas and sexy underwear

Although pajamas and Russian erotic underwear are both women sleeping home clothing, there are significant differences between the two.Pajamas are usually made of comfortable, relaxed and soft fabrics. The main purpose is to ensure women’s sleep quality.And Russia’s sexy underwear focuses on sexy and charm. Its materials have changed diverse, not necessarily soft.

7. The purchase channel of Russian sex lingerie

Due to the unique style and special materials of Russia’s sexy underwear, its price is usually more expensive.You can buy it through some underwear brand stores or sexual goods stores, or you can choose to choose and buy on the Internet.When buying, be sure to understand your figure, so as not to spend high money to buy products that are not suitable for you.

8. Russian erotic underwear wearing skills

Wearing Russian erotic underwear requires certain skills.First of all, you need to understand your body characteristics and choose the style and color that suits you.Secondly, special accessories such as high heels, lace socks or lace gloves need to be paired to create a perfect sexy atmosphere.You also need to pay attention not to dress up too much, so as not to affect the performance of sexy and charm.

9. Relax and enjoy sex life

No matter what underwear wears, sexual life is indeed an important part of a happy life, and it is essential to have a calm, relaxed and safe sex environment.You can try to communicate with your partner to increase the communication and interaction of husband and wife.Relax your mentality and enjoy sex life.

10. Summary

The style of Russia’s sexy underwear is bold, special, sexy and charming, so it is loved by women.When choosing underwear, you should pay attention to your body characteristics and personal character, choose the style and color that suits you, and cooperate with other special accessories to create a perfect sexy atmosphere and enjoy sex life.

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