The excited sexy underwear bought online

Introduction: What are the risks of buying excited and sexy underwear

In modern society, sexy underwear, as a novel product, has been favored by many people.And buying excited sexy underwear online has also become a choice for many people.However, compared to physical store purchases, there are certain risks on online purchase.In this article, we will discuss some risks and preventive measures for buying excited sexy underwear online.

1. Inappropriate size

When buying sexy underwear online, it is impossible to try it out in person, which is easy to cause the size of the sexy underwear to buy.Wearing inappropriate sexy underwear can affect comfort and sexy, thereby affecting the quality of sexual life.

2. Poor texture

Some consumers who buy excited sexy underwear online will find that the facts they actually buy are not as good as the picture and text description.This not only affects the beauty of sexy underwear, but also hurts the skin.

3. Private information leakage

When buying sexy underwear online, you need to fill in personal information, such as name, phone, address, etc.Some bad businesses will use this information to harass or leak trafficking, which seriously affects consumers’ daily life.

4. Take a light

Some excitement of sexy underwear is unique, but the quality is not high enough.It is prone to glowing when wearing, which seriously affects the effect of use and the image of consumers.

5. counterfeit and shoddy

To buy excited sexy underwear online, some merchants will sell fake and shoddy sexy underwear, which will not only cause damage to consumers’ interests, but also threaten their physical health.

6. Less number of times you can wear

Some excited erotic underwear quality is poor, easy to wear or wear deformation.This not only affects the effect of use, but also causes consumers’ economic losses.

7. Not suitable for skin texture

Some excited sexy underwear fabrics are special, and some consumers are prone to allergies.So pay attention to this when buying sexy underwear online.

8. It is difficult to protect rights

Compared with physical store purchases, it is relatively difficult to buy excitement and sexy underwear online.Some bad businesses may use delay and shirk, and it is very difficult for consumers to struggle rights and defend their rights.


In order to avoid the risk of buying exciting and sexy underwear online, we have the following suggestions.

1. Before purchasing, fully understand the sexy lingerie you purchased, and avoid problems such as size and material.

2. Select a highly reputable and qualified merchant purchase, and check the evaluation of other consumers before buying.

3. Pay attention to the protection of personal privacy information, do not fill in sensitive information casually.

4. Try to penetrate as soon as possible after receiving the sexy underwear, and contact the merchant to deal with it in time when you find that it is not suitable.

In summary, there are many risks in buying excited sexy underwear online. We need to take it seriously and take some measures to prevent it.Only by paying attention to these issues can we ensure that our shopping experience achieves the best results.

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