The mark pen in sexy underwear


Each woman has a private space that belongs to her own, and one of the necessary items is sexy underwear.The appearance of sexy underwear can not only meet the sexual needs of women, but also enhance interest and make life more colorful.And one of the small decorations, the marking pen is also an important part of sexy underwear. Next, let’s take a closer look at the "mark pen" in the sexy underwear.

The role of a marker pen

The marking pen is a tool designed to make women marked on sexy underwear.Its main role is to help women mark their favorite position so that they can get better stimuli and sexual experience.

Types of marking pen

The marking pen is generally made of safe water and non -toxic raw materials, and there are various types in the market.This includes ordinary, luminous, high -bright, silver and fluorescent types with different colors.

Selection of the mark pen

It is important to choose a marking pen that suits you.First of all, you should choose a safe pen to avoid causing allergies or other discomfort.In addition, you should choose a bright and easy to clean.Women can also choose different colors and types according to their preferences.

How to use a mark pen

Before using the mark pen, women need to ensure that the sexy underwear has been cleaned and dry.When used, women can mark and indicate in their favorite positions.After the mark is completed, you can use a wet cloth gently.

Precautions for marking pens

Because the marking pen is in contact with the skin, women should pay attention when using it, try not to use it too much, otherwise it may cause allergies or other discomfort.Before use, it is best to test it on the back of the hand to prevent allergies.

Cleaning of the mark pen

The signs on the sexy underwear should be wiped with a wet cloth in time to ensure that the next use is clearly distinguished.At the same time, in order to avoid hygiene issues, women can also disinfect the mark before use.

The replacement of the mark

The marking pen on the sexy underwear also needs to be replaced regularly.Generally speaking, after a while, the mark should be replaced to ensure safety and hygiene.

The price of the mark pen

The price of the sign on the sex underwear is different, ranging from ten yuan to tens of yuan.Women can choose according to their preferences and funds before purchasing.


All erotic products require us to attach great importance to quality and safety because they are directly related to our health.When using sexy underwear, we should choose high -quality brands and make high -quality underwear, and disinfection before use.At the same time, sexy underwear products also need to be replaced regularly to ensure hygiene and safety.

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