There is one who loves to wear sexy underwear

There is one who loves to wear sexy underwear

Interest underwear, as a fierce teasing costume, is welcomed by sex couples.Many characters buy these sexy underwear in their appearance and functions.This article will discuss sex underwear from different perspectives.

1. What is sexy sheets

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy charm, focusing on expressing the atmosphere of sex and inspiring lust.Wearing a sexy lingerie, especially in the fun activities between husband and wife or lovers, is to increase the role of emotional sharing and experience.

2. Basic styles of sexy underwear

There are many styles of sexy underwear, but there are only two basic styles -two types: upper and lower.The sexy underwear of the upper body includes pajamas, bra, tights, underwear, etc.The sexy underwear in the lower body includes underwear, thongs, suspenders, pantyhose, tight pants, and so on.

3. Sexy and sensual elements of sexy underwear

In addition to blocking the body, the function of sexy underwear is more to stimulate sexual desire through visual and tactile sensory stimuli, thereby enhancing emotional experience and psychological pleasure.

4. The effect of color on sexy underwear

The colors of sexy underwear are represented by red, black, white, blue, pink and purple. Various colors have their own significance, such as red can express enthusiasm, black can reflect mystery.The color should be selected according to the situation during the dressing process.

5. The material of sexy underwear

The fabrics of sexy underwear are generally special. Commonly used materials are polyester silk, slide silk, lace, real silk, synthetic fiber, artificial fur, etc.

6. The importance of size to sexy underwear

Sex underwear is not an ordinary pajamas. It should be noted that when wearing sexy underwear, you must choose the right size. Too large or too small sexy underwear hurts the body.

7. Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Most of the fabrics of sexy underwear are some more delicate materials and need to be well maintained.It is recommended to use warm water and washing liquid gently, and keep in mind not to soak for too long.

8. Falling underwear wearing taboos

Fun underwear is worn within 15 minutes after being close to the body, which will affect performance and quality for too long.At the same time, avoid wearing erotic underwear during sexual life discomfort or sickness.

9. The matching method of sexy underwear

The matching methods of various styles of sex underwear can be flexible and diverse. During the period of wear, you also need to pay attention to the unity of color matching and clothing. You can use high heels, socks, accessories, etc. to create a sexy temperament.

10. Significance for sexy underwear to sexual life

Modern sexy underwear is not only visually enjoying, but also an important way to help couples find passion and fun in sexual life.So sexy underwear has great significance to sex.

Here, we can be sure that sexy underwear has become a symbol of contemporary fashion taste.Interest underwear is no longer just to satisfy the passion at the moment, but more is rich and deepened emotional communication.It is hoped that the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts can pay more attention to their own sexy underwear and make sexual life more fulfilling.

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