Three -point sex lingerie opening stall and breastfeeding

Three -point sex lingerie opening stall and breastfeeding

Sex underwear has become a must -have for modern women, and the most sexy and teasing one is the opening of sexy underwear.The design of the opening file can better meet the needs of women, and three -point erotic underwear is particularly popular.So, what is three -point erotic underwear?Why can it make women more sexy and charming?This article will introduce you in detail.

1. What is three -point sex underwear?

Three -point erotic underwear refers to the connection between the upper, lower and thin transparent mesh cloths and even silk lines. The color and material can be determined according to personal preferences.It is more sexy and more open than traditional sexy underwear, and it can also display the curve of women’s bodies.

Two or three -point sexy underwear type

1. Three -point red color sexy underwear

Red color sex lingerie has always been the color of the sexy underwear.Most three points of sexy underwear are also red. This color can greatly improve women’s self -confidence and sexy through a strong visual impact.

2. Three -point hollow sexy underwear

The hollow design can not only reduce the weight of the three -point erotic underwear, but also create more sense of space visually to make the physical sex move.

3. Three -point lace sexy underwear

The lace design gives a gentle and soft feeling, which can also fully show the soft side of women and increase the sexyness of women.

3. Open design and accessories

1. Little bow

Little bow is a common opening sexy underwear. The small bow that placed above the private part is cute and sexy.

2. Pink lace

Red erotic lingerie and black color sexy underwear are often loved by women, but the pink series of sexy underwear is more suitable for those women who want to look more lovely.

3. Diamond

Diamonds are one of the common accessories in sexy underwear. It can not only improve the texture of sexy underwear, but also increase the sexyness of women.

Fourth, size selection

Three -point erotic underwear compared to other sexy underwear, it reveals sexy and has high requirements in terms of comfort.Therefore, when purchasing, you need to choose the appropriate size according to your body and size to avoid uncomfortable wear.

5. Underwear styles and occasions

1. Long -sleeved three -point sex lingerie

Considering the climate and occasions, the long -sleeved three -point erotic underwear is very suitable for putting on the cold season. They can keep warm and have good visual effects.

2. Shoulder strap type three -point sexy underwear

The three -point erotic underwear is suitable for dating or other special occasions. It can fully display women’s breasts, which is very sexy.

Six, maintenance methods

1. Hand washing

Most of the three -point sex lingerie is made of thin transparent yarn or silk lines. It needs to be cleaned softly by hand, so as to avoid damaging beautiful ornaments and pictures.

2. Avoid exposure

Because most of the three -point erotic underwear is sky blue, black and red, sunshade maintenance is necessary.Otherwise, the color will weaken.

Seven, who is suitable for wearing three -point erotic underwear

Three -point erotic underwear is more helpful to wearing women who are very confident. This underwear is suitable for women who are confident and like to try new things.

8. How do women wear three -point erotic underwear

When wearing a three -point erotic underwear, women need to pay attention to their own accessories. It is best not to be too complicated when matching them. Simple and low -key accessories are just right.

Viewpoint: Three -point erotic underwear is a special costume that makes women more confident. Wearing them can make women more sexy and charming.This underwear style is divided into a variety of. Women need to choose the appropriate model according to their body and size when buying, and the accessories also need to be simple and low -key.In short, wearing a beautiful three -point sex underwear to make yourself more confident is something every woman should try.

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