Three -point opening sexy underwear beauty

Three -point opening sexy underwear beauty


Interest underwear is one of the important elements that make women more attractive, especially the three -point opening of sexy underwear is even more popular.Three -point opening sexy underwear can definitely attract the attention of men through exposing the sexy parts of women, and at the same time, it can also increase the sex experience between husband and wife.

Design and structure

The design of the three -point opening sexy underwear is very simple and exquisite, consisting of three small parts, namely bra, T -shaped pants and vaginal opening.These parts are connected by decorations such as straps, allowing women to exude a sexy and beautiful atmosphere.At the same time, because there is no connection between T -shaped pants and bra, they can wrap women’s bodies more perfectly, and let the vaginal parts expose, which further increases the sexy degree of women and makes people feel excited.

Putting points

When wearing a three -point open -gear, you should try to consider the body of women, because it is too sexy, and only the suitable figure can better show its beauty and charm.In addition, remember to adjust all details before wearing.For bras and T -shaped pants, the right size is very important. It is best to choose a adjustable size of the size to ensure wearing and comfort.At the same time, the location and size of the vaginal opening need to be adjusted appropriately to obtain a better comfort and connotation beauty.


Three -point opening sexy underwear is often used in the life of husband and wife to increase the fun experience.When women wear this sexy underwear, the sexy and charm they show can make men highly excited and often reach a new orgasm state.At the same time, due to the existence of the vaginal opening, there are more possibilities in the life of the husband and wife, and the relationship between the two people has developed deeper.

Suitable object

Three -point opening sexy underwear is not very suitable for all women, just limited to women with tall and curvy curves.If you are the visual "normal person", it is recommended not to try this kind of passion underwear, because it does not allow you to get better results, but it may lower your value.In addition, when the husband and wife use a three -point opening sexy underwear, the woman should pay attention to the use of sex oil to maintain the health of the vagina.


Pay attention to quality and price when buying a three -point opening sexy underwear. Try to choose some formal brands. The quality is guaranteed, the material is soft and comfortable, and it is more convenient to use.High costs cause waste.

common problem

1. Will the three -point opening of sexy underwear damage the organs?

Answer: If there is improper use, there will be a certain risk, but if you follow the correct order of use and clean the hygiene in time, there will be no problems.

2. Why not suitable for all women?

Answer: The three -point open -crotch sex underwear is designed for the perfect figure, which is not suitable for women with more standard figures.

3. Why choose a regular brand when buying?

Answer: The quality of regular brand products is guaranteed and safe and durable.

How to clean it?

When cleaning three -point open -file sexy underwear, some special cleaner and disinfection are needed to ensure hygiene and cleaning.First of all, we must consider a strong cleaner, and do not use too high temperature water for cleaning.Secondly, it is not recommended to put it in a dryer or drying rack, because this may cause damage to the details and dry it directly.Finally, disinfect the sex organs to ensure health and safety.

How to maintain it?

When maintaining a three -point open -gear sexy underwear, you can put it in a closed bag to avoid dust and stains.At the same time, it is necessary to clean it diligently, because cleaning can make it more lasting, while ensuring good sanitary conditions.


Three -point opening sexy underwear is a underwear that helps women more confident. It can expose women’s sexy parts and make women more beautiful, sexy and charming.At the same time, it can also increase the interesting experience between husband and wife, so that the relationship between the two people deeper and further enhance people’s sexual happiness.If you have a certain body and use conditions, it will be a good choice.

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