Top 10 famous brands in Chinese sex lingerie

Overview of Chinese sex underwear industry

With the continuous progress of society and people’s open mentality, China’s sexy underwear market has also received more and more attention.As a special underwear, sexy underwear is very different from the function of traditional underwear.Interest underwear can not only meet people’s expectations for sex, but also bring people more confident and self -esteem.At the same time as the rapid development of China’s sexy underwear market, many famous brands have emerged.

Famous Brand 1: Jiabao sexy underwear

JIABAO sex underwear brand is known for its novel style, rich color and low price.The brand style is full, colorful, and cost -effective, which is very suitable for beginners and young people to buy.In addition, Jiabao’s sexy underwear is also impeccable in quality, and it is really worthwhile.

Famous Brand 2: Looking forward

It is expected that the brand is not only unique in the design of sexy underwear, but also particularly praise in terms of quality.Strict control from design to materials allows expectations to become an important force in China’s sexy underwear industry.Although the price is relatively high, the quality and comfort are undoubtedly the recognition of customers.

Brand 3: Konlun sexy underwear

Konlun’s sexy underwear brand advocates the concept of "sexy beauty, health", focusing on giving women a better sexy experience.The design style is bold and stylish, and the texture is highly popular because of its sense of fashion and quality.At the same time, Konlun’s sexy underwear has also made a lot of effort to protect women’s health, so women who are not worried about allergies can buy with confidence.

Brand 4: Uuchina sexy underwear

The UUCHINA sex underwear brand organically combines the design and technology of the product to create a series of functional sexy underwear such as chest protection, shaping, and hip lifting.In addition, the brand has also made a breakthrough in creativity. Many styles are very individual. Ordinary families are basically affordable and have high cost performance.

Famous Brand Five: Victoria Fun Underwear

Victoria’s Insweether’s underwear brand has a very high reputation in terms of style and quality.The brand designer fully taps the sexy nature of women and designed a series of unique sexy underwear to enrich the Chinese sex lingerie market.It can be called a fashion brand in the field of sexy underwear.

Famous Brand 6: VARSBABY sexy underwear

VARSBABY’s sex underwear brand originated from the United States. Its style is unique. It integrates stylish, high -quality, sexy equal to one, and is well received.The brand’s design is bold and innovative, and it has been promoted all year round. A group of attractive and sexy sexy underwear has been continuously emerged. It is a leader in the Chinese sex lingerie market.

Famous Brand Seven: Lao Feng Xiang’s Instead of Innerwear

The sexy underwear brand founded by the well -known Jewelry Lao Fengxiang, its fabrics, fine workmanship, and many styles, deeply impressed the majority of female consumers.At the same time, Lao Fengxiang’s sexy underwear also pays special attention to the choice of materials, allowing women to be dismissed by allergies in the process of sex.

Brand 8: SOB sex underwear

SOB sexy underwear brand is fashionable, comfortable, and sexy, and is the leader in China’s sexy underwear industry.The brand advocates freedom, fashion, and personality. A series of styles are suitable for different women’s needs.In addition, SOB sex underwear has also made a lot of effort to protect women’s chest health.

Famous Brand Nine: Ad Lingerie sexy underwear

Ad Lingerie’s sexy underwear brand is derived from Japan, which is very popular because of its unique style and comfortable quality.Its unique style and excellent quality, allowing women in sexy underwear to fully release themselves in sex.In addition, Ad Lingerie’s erotic underwear does not discount materials for materials to ensure women’s health and safety.

Famous Brand Ten: Annebra sexy underwear

Annebra sex underwear brand originated from France, and it is known for its high -end sexy underwear.Its product is unique and high -quality, which makes people shine.In addition, Annebra’s sexy underwear is also protecting women with a lot of effort, allowing people to buy and wear with confidence.


The rapid development of China’s sexy underwear market has greatly promoted product innovation and technological progress in the field of sexy underwear.It is believed that in the near future, more famous brands will continue to emerge in China’s sexy underwear market, bringing people richer and diverse choices.

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