Video of Chinese Funerous Underwear Contest


The Chinese Info Underwear Contest is a grand event in the Chinese underwear industry, which aims to show the latest sexy underwear design and innovation.These design aims to improve women’s self -confidence and sexy, while attracting the attention of countless men.


The competition mainly covers four aspects: appearance, material, comfort and sexy.Participating in sex underwear must meet these standards and also meet market demand.


The competition is divided into different categories, including foundation, fashion and marketing.Basic classes focus on basic design and functions. Fashion -like basic categories pay more attention to fashion elements, while marketing categories focus on business benefits.

Innovation award

In addition to the above categories, the competition also has an innovation award, which aims to reward the most innovative and creative erotic underwear.

Evaluation standard

The competition adopts a professional review mechanism. The evaluation standards are mainly based on design creativity, practicality of craftsmanship, and overall market competitiveness.


There are a variety of participating works, there are underwear suits suitable for different figures and occasions, as well as different styles of sexy underwear such as simple style, retro style, and luxury style.

fashion show

The competition is not only a underwear design contest, but also a show show show.On the clothing show, the entry works are presented in front of the audience by the model, showing the beauty of sexy underwear to the extreme.

market expectation

China’s sexy underwear market is gradually developing, and more and more women are beginning to realize the charm and role of sexy underwear.I believe that in the future, the market prospects of sexy underwear will definitely be wider.

Entry process

From the registration to the selection, the participation process needs to face various challenges and competition.Participants need to give full play to their creativity, unite teamwork forces, improve design and production skills, and eventually stand out among many contestants.


The diversity and beauty of sexy underwear will be fully displayed in the Chinese sex lingerie contest.I believe that this game will promote the development of China’s sexy underwear industry, so that more people can know sexy underwear and fall in love with sexy lingerie.

The market prospects of sex underwear are optimistic, but designers need to pay more attention to women’s needs and extreme comfort, rather than simply pursuing sexy and appearance.

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