Wash the sexy lingerie

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Wash the sexy lingerie

With people’s attention to sexual health, sexy underwear has become a fashion choice for more and more women.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear not only requires sexy and beautiful appearance, but also needs to pay attention to maintenance.The correct way of washing and drying can not only maintain the beauty of sexy underwear, but also make it more durable.So, what about the sexy lingerie?

1. Handwash

Because sexy underwear is usually made of soft, lace and other fabrics, machine washing can easily cause damage.Therefore, it is recommended to use warm water and gentle washing liquid hand to wash sexy underwear.Inside the underwear, massage the fabric and sticky places, be careful not to rub, so as not to damage the fabric or deform the chest pad.It is best to remove the underwear when washing, and wash it separately to prevent the hook from hooking the fabric.

2. Cold water washing

Gently washing liquid and warm water with the opponent’s sexy underwear, and cleaning agents and cold water need to be used when machine washing.Cold water can effectively avoid adhesive and stretching lace fabrics.Put the sexy underwear into the washing bag, because the effect of the laundry bag is to reduce the collision of the underwear and reduce the wear of the fabric.

Third, don’t use hot water

Hot water will destroy the elasticity of sexy underwear, especially the chest pads, which will deform the filling and lose support.Warm water can not only have a cleaning effect, but also does not cause much harm to underwear.Temperature water should be used when hand washing and machine washing underwear.

Fourth, genus typhoon

The underwear can easily damage the adhesive pad when rotating and turning in the washing machine. Therefore, it is recommended to use fast washing program and soft options to prevent it.

5. Avoid soaking

The soaking time of sexy underwear is not only easy to damage the underwear, but also reduces its elasticity.Therefore, avoid soaking underwear.If you need to wet underwear in warm water, it is best to wort it and take it out immediately.

6. Just dry in the cool and ventilated place

Underwear needs to be dried in a cool and ventilated place.Do not expose it directly to the sun, because the sun can cause elasticity and lace fabric damage.Remember to avoid electric heater and other heat sources because they affect the quality of underwear.

7. Don’t dry

The use of dryer and sexy underwear will lose elasticity, because the hot wind will cause the underwear fabric to shrink.During the drying process, the rubber pads melt or deform, causing their shapes to be wrong, which will affect the appearance and function of the underwear.Therefore, try not to use a dryer, because physical damage is irreversible!

8. Before storage, dry thoroughly

Not only must you dry the sexy underwear in the cool and ventilated place, but also the drying must be very thorough to store it in the wardrobe or drawer.If the underwear is still humid, it will cause mold or odor and damage its elasticity.


Try to classify the sexy underwear as possible, because the soft graphene underwear is mixed with other underwear to cause wear and deformation.In addition, the classification of underwear also helps you browse and buy.

10. Replace regularly

The frequency of sexy underwear size replacement follows the ingredients and the number of times of the underwear.Therefore, once you feel that the underwear has lost an additional elasticity or tailoring effect, replace it earlier!Because if the underwear is lost, it will not be processed in the future.


As a special product based on sex and stimulation, sexy underwear requires special maintenance.The correct washing and maintenance method can bring better appearance and extend the service life to sexy underwear.Therefore, maintaining the beauty and durability of sexy underwear is the responsibility and obligation of each beauty love woman.

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