What sexy sheets are fat women wear

What sexy sheets are fat women wear

1. Wear a suitable underwear

Fat women need to wear appropriate sexy underwear, because wearing inappropriate underwear will make your figure appear more uncoordinated, and even leave traces of pain.

2. Select elastic fabric

Choosing elastic fabrics can better wrap the body, make you feel more comfortable, and at the same time, you can also adjust your body.

3. Choose a loose design

For fat women, choosing loose sexy underwear will be more comfortable, and it can make her body look more slender.

4. Avoid choosing too tight underwear

Avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear, because excessive tights can affect the blood circulation of the body and even affect physical health.

5. Choose a simple color

For fat women, choosing a simple color will make people look more refreshing and reduce the burden on the body.

6. Find the right style

In response to your body and characteristics, choosing the right sexy lingerie style can not only highlight your beautiful curve, but also make yourself confident.

7. Pay attention to the quality of the underwear

Do not compromise the quality of underwear, because the use of inferior sexy underwear will have a adverse effect on your health.

8. Match the right clothes

With suitable clothes, you can make you more confident, and you can also show your charm and style.

9. wear inside

You can choose to wear an inside or bellyband. It is better to wear a sexy underwear and more confident.

10. Persist in exercise

Wearing sexy underwear is only one aspect. More importantly, we must persist in exercising, pay attention to diet and rest, in order to have a healthier body and a more beautiful figure.


Fat women also have their own beauty and charm. As long as you pay attention to some basic principles when choosing styles, colors and clothes, you can wear confident beauty and show your style.

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